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Let us film you and we will help find you an off-grid home
by NICK ROSEN on NOVEMBER 14, 2013 - 56 Comments in COMMUNITY, PEOPLE

Be part of a community

Join us and free yourself

We are looking for people who have the skills and the resources and want to make the move from their existing lives inside mainstream society, leave their jobs and their mortgages and their high-spending consumer habits, and move to a low-stress, low-consumption life off the grid.

Of course there will still be a need for at least some to work and make money, still a need to generate power, wash, cook, have shelter. But we want to show the world all these things are possible in total comfort, with no stress, off the grid, if you arrange yourself cleverly.

There are many reasons why I have been trying to make a film or a web series about people who are making the move to live off-grid. The first is that the masses of material on TV at the moment never seems to reflect real people and their real lives. (more…)

Shed-dwellers evicted by planners to live on State benefits
by AMY SUAREZ on OCTOBER 24, 2013 - 6 Comments in LAND

Daniel and Lora Newman on their small-holding at Carharrack

Newly homeless family could be living a good life

A family’s dream of living off-grid is in tatters after they lost a four-year planning battle.

Daniel and Lora Newman, of Trelowen, Carharrack bid to become self sufficient. But last week they have been forced to demolish thei home in order to avoid jail.

At a hearing at Truro Magistrates Court, the couple were given a 12-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £1,500 towards Cornwall Council’s court costs.

Ahead of the court date, Mr Newman, with the help of family and friends, pulled down the house.which was built in a field in open countryside without planning permission. (more…)

Be the Hero, Not the Victim
by WRETHAOFFGRID on DECEMBER 30, 2012 - 2 Comments in OFF-GRID 101, WRETHA

This pairs well with my “Prepping on a budget” series, this is about the “what if” scenarios, it’s something all of us should do more often, not just once and then forget about it. Going to the store and purchasing a few bags of beans and rice to put up is a good thing, but don’t let that be the main thing or (gasp) the only thing you do to prepare for potentially hard times. And remember, hard times don’t have to be on a global or regional scale to affect you, it can be something as simple as losing your job, having your hours cut, getting hurt, having an unexpected bill… It’s important to be proactive about your situation, and the more you plan ahead, the better off you will be in the event of something unexpected happening. (more…)

How to build an evaporative cooler

Keeping your cool when it’s hot outside

I know that for many of us, it’s getting closer to fall, summer will soon be a distant memory… but I am still intrigued when I see innovative ways to cool our homes and ourselves. I found this easy to do DIY evaporative cooler while surfing the internet today. I like the quirky look of the offset holes in the orange 5 gallon bucket, and the industrial look of the curved elbow duct.


I want to go Off The Grid
by EVELYNJGRASS on JANUARY 12, 2012 - 1 Comment in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

I’m a 24 year old College graduate, who is paying off her debts. I am giving myself 3 years to pay off this debt then i am going off the grid for good. I am in a situation where i can pay off my debt and still save money and i belueve in 5 years i will have enough to start my dream.

I am looking for other like minded people who share my dream. It is much easier to live off the grid with others than alone or with one other person. I have my eye set on a 160 acre piece of property in western ontario. and I would like to build The homestead from the ground up. I already have the blueprints ready to go and ready to expand. right now it can accommodate 5-6 people comfortably.

The dream to be Self sufficient has been a long time one and it will happen sooner or later. I’d just like to get a head start on it now.

if you would like to check out the home part of my homesteading plans go here:

you can contact me here:

or here:

Preppers movement matures into major market
by SHAMPOODLE on OCTOBER 28, 2011 - 0 Comments in COMMUNITY

...heading to the mainstream (Mila Kunis)

Based on a story by Gordon Fiedler

The Off-Grid movement has parallels with the Preppers. While the latter is more apocalyptic, many preppers want to live off grid and many off-gridders are preppers – meaning they are preparing for a general social or economic collapse.

A recent gathering of preppers at Ottawa County State Fishing Lake, north of Bennington, drew folks from all over the state. They were alerted to the “meet-up” because they are members of the Kansas Preppers Network, which is part of the American Preppers Network.

They go by such online names as Lionheart, Trekker, Kanman, MoEngineer, Guntech and High Hopes. They didn’t want their real identities known for fear of home invasions by the unprepared and also, in some cases, to hide their efforts from suspicious employers.

As forum members, they can post questions and comment on queries from others, rant about current events and share an occasional joke among their prepper peers in every state and in all of Canada’s provinces and territories. There are even groups in Britain, Italy and New Zealand.

APN’s co-founder and current director is Tom Martin, who maintains the site from his Idaho home. (more…)

Spanish island flips the switch on oil
by NICK ROSEN on JULY 5, 2011 - 6 Comments in ENERGY

Its sure windy in El Hierro

Windswept Spanish island of El Hierro is about to give the world a lesson in Energy security.

El Hierro, in the Canaries, will run off of 100 percent renewable energy by the end of the year, ending the need for oil imports.  Its wind and solar energy will be stored by pumping water uphill into an extinct volcano. Water will be released when power is needed. (more…)

Shoestring Survivalism – book review

This is the third book I received from Paladin Press to review. I appreciate the chance to read and review these books, I have enjoyed them immensely. This book is about survivalism on a budget. Being on a budget is a full time occupation for most of us.  With these uncertain times, it’s good to have backups, ways to get along if things go wrong. It’s ludicrous to think the government will step up and take care of us, your best bet is to be your own best advocate, take care of yourself and your family. With the knowledge gained from this book, even someone on the tightest of budgets should be able to implement many of the ideas in this book with little or no financial output. (more…)

Survivalist shopping list
by VEG-HEAD on JANUARY 14, 2009 - 4 Comments in PEOPLE

Sterligov and family – off-grid
Gene Lange works at a hedge fund in New York and, wary of the erratic behaviour of his colleagues as the credit crunch develops, he is battening down the hatches. He’s stacked his basement with canned food, bottled water, and a decent supply of washable nappies for his baby. He’s fixing his car up so it’ll run off-road – and he’s taking good care of his collection of guns.

Gene’s not saying a rabble of crazy stockbrokers is going to come round to his house and try to bludgeon him to death with his own wind-up torch so they can get at his baked beans. He’s just saying, “I don’t think it necessarily makes a guy crazy to prepare for the potential worst-case scenario.” (more…)

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