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Opportunity in Land of Enchantment
by GREEN THUMB 2012 on JANUARY 14, 2012 - 10 Comments in post

I am looking forward to moving off-grid in the Rio Rancho area some time in the next year.

I have a solid idea of how to build a self-sustaining solar home with attractive recycled building materials. The basic structure of my solar home idea consists of a steel building frame, concrete blocks, and lots of glass, possibly an aerogel-packed variety, to collect solar heat. The design can be found at Larry Hartweg’s website. I’ve purchased and read his great book, and I absorb any idea I can find from other great websites on solar design–passive water pumping, concrete block construction, free cellulose insulation, solar distilling, rainwater harvesting, long-distance 2.4GHz internet relays, satellite television, internet VOIP (where landlines aren’t possible or desired), absorption chiller air-conditioning and refrigeration (well-described solar solution from Larry Hartweg’s website and book), and beyond. The ideas I’ve collected are so good that I’m looking for five or six individuals or small families to move into identical homes in the same area where I will be living. Even better would be twenty or so, to set up internet relay enclaves all the way out to my house from the edge of Rio Rancho. I can help with getting building materials, and we’d probably build the houses much faster if we all chipped in. Interior trim and decor would be at the aesthetic discretion of each homeowner. Give me a buzz if you’re interested. This is a “ready to launch” idea.

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