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Monsoon season is here

We are fully in our monsoon season now, and it’s about time! We have had fairly dry summers for the past few seasons, in fact we haven’t had a really wet summer since the first year we moved here in ’07. I had read that this summer would be a wet year for my part of the country, and for that I am truly grateful. (more…)

Five top things for an off-grid life
by CHARLES on APRIL 7, 2012 - 3 Comments in LAND

1.  Rain
Without water, life is impossible.  Always buy land with a water source, if you can afford it.  If not, make sure you catch the rainwater.
There’s a reason you can buy land in the west Texas desert for next to nothing.  The reason is that it doesn’t have a water source.  A water source doesn’t have to be a river or stream.  It doesn’t even have to be groundwater.  It can be rainwater, provided that the rainwater source is steady and reliable. (more…)

Global Storming
by NICK ROSEN on JULY 30, 2011 - 2 Comments in WATER

What goes up when the rain comes down?

Brace yourself!  Worldwide, 2010 was the wettest year since records began. And it was not just the amount of rain and snow, but the intensity which increased.

Choosing where to live in the future will be much more to do with protecting yourself against flooding than worrying about warmer weather and rising sea levels.

Australia, Pakistan, Tennessee, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Brazil, the Balkans, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Colombia, Sri Lanka, France and the UK all experienced devastating rainfall last year. And there was unusually heavy snowfall in some of those regions.

Why is this happening and what should you do about it? There is a list of tips at the end of the story. (more…)

Wow, what a rain!

After the rain-a rare colored sunset in the high desert mountains

Living in the high desert means having to deal with long periods of dry weather punctuated by periods of mega-rains. We got one of those yesterday. I was not at the skycastle when this occurred, I was at a friend’s house. My drive home was a bit tricky, our roads are dirt, some gravel, some boulders and several places are clay. The clay is the problem, when it gets wet, soaked, it becomes a car eating muck pit. There are several places I have to cross that have lots of clay, one place in particular is a S-curve just before my place, I avoid it when it’s wet. That means going over an even steeper,  higher, rougher road, but it’s worth it to miss the mucky S-curve. As I was going over the alternate path, I noticed a couple of cars that were abandoned on the road, not a pleasant thing to see where I live. That usually means a long, rough walk for the occupants, unless they are lucky enough to find someone else driving though or are close enough to walk to a friend’s house, that usually means at least a half mile or more walking either up or down steep hills. Did I mention that cell phones don’t work out here? (more…)

Here comes the sun
by SUPERJOE on FEBRUARY 12, 2010 - 0 Comments in EVENTS

Because we live off the grid, people seem to think we live in a shack without modern conveniences. Totally not true, but we do have to be frugal with our energy usage. On sunny days, we can turn on all sorts of appliances at the same time, allowing me to vacuum and wash clothes while we brew coffee, heat stuff in the microwave, watch TV, and surf the Web. (more…)

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