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Could you live on 1acre? For serious off gridders 15m N Daytona Beach
by BOBBYKORONA on JUNE 7, 2014 - 7 Comments in post

Willing to share land to the right people , hard workers and friendly , It will not be easy for you , Florida this time of year is hot and dry , will work it as an Agriculture lease , on your 200 X 200 ft plot approximately 100 X 100 will be a garden of your choosing….there is no power….will help you set a 2″ well at 50ft for water…you will need a compost toilet among other things

Now the BAD news this is Flagler County ….off grid is a 4letter word…they just don’t get it…it will take a bit of researcher to keep code off your back… property is a certified Aquaculture Site link that to Agritourism and Florida’s “Right to Farm Act” …might have a chance

The bottom line…first contact me at… ….tell me who you are and your off grid dream…. 3 or more 1 acre plots available for your inspection Now …..Bob

hate living on the grid
by BRECK2 on JANUARY 19, 2012 - 2 Comments in post

first off i want to say im not happy with our government and the way society has become. we do not like being dependent on the grid or the government. i believe that our government works against us. my wife and i are christians, we believe god is the answer to all of life’s problems. our dream is to live underground. we would like to have our privacy from the world and only be around like minded people with the same beliefs of family and life. we dont have a plan right at this moment but are open to help or combining with other people.

Friendly Input
by TAIGA on JANUARY 13, 2012 - 1 Comment in post

I will be returning to an off-grid lifestyle in a semi-remote location within the next 6 months to the boreal region of Northern Ontario, Canada. I am NOT looking for others to move with me, but I would like to offer my ideas and wisdom regarding off-grid living. I used to live in the bush, and I may be able to offer something useful to newbies…:)I am not a hard-core homsteader, yet I am still dedicated to green living. I enjoy meeting new people and helping them out if I can, and maybe make some new friends in the process…:)

Partners for off grid organic life on 200 acres in Ontario
by OHMSTEADER on JANUARY 2, 2012 - 22 Comments in post

We are looking for partners to help us build an organic self sustaining life in the wilderness of Ontario. We are open to most ideas/proposals. We have 200 acres, and have been working on infrastructure for the property including micro hydro. We have a 25ft waterfall off of a private lake. We are interested in building a home for 3+ families.

Creating a Better Way to Live
by JAMO on DECEMBER 30, 2011 - 3 Comments in post


See where I am on the Landbuddy interactive map and then get in touch if you want to join

Looking for people who would like to spend 2 years planning everything out
by VALPAL on AUGUST 18, 2011 - 23 Comments in post

Hello, my name is Val I’m from New York City. I’m looking for people here in New York who would like to go off the grid within the next 2 years. It’s been very hard to find anyone especially in this huge busy city. I’m very much into solar power, wind power, hyro-power, gardening/farming, primitive living, and many more but sadly I’m very limited to what I can do since I live in a building with no back yard or anything . Every morning that I get up for work I feel as if I don’t belong into this society, my heart isn’t made for this concrete jungle. I’ve felt like this for many years and I think I need to do this for myself. I know its a lot of hard work but I see myself enjoying it and waking up every morning taking that first morning breath of fresh clean air stepping on to the grass covered with dew, oh man lol I see it all! I do not have a car so if your within the tri-state area that’ll be wonderful. If not maybe we can arrange something. I’m looking to take 2 years or so of organized planning before I/we make a move. I like things to go smoothly and know what ill do before I do it. Also any advice would be great, I’m new to the site and love stories =].

P.S.- I always reply back

Young family looking for community
by RMFERBER on AUGUST 21, 2010 - 5 Comments in post

We are a young family living in Omaha Nebraska, we plan to move to some land as soon as possible to start building our own home and growing our own food. We have a one year old daughter, a dog and two cats. I have worked on an organic farm and have some experience with growing and preserving food, my partner is a bicycle mechanic with several years experience. Mostly we just have a lot of enthusiasm, desire to learn and strong arms!

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