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Friendly Input
by TAIGA on JANUARY 13, 2012 - 1 Comment in post

I will be returning to an off-grid lifestyle in a semi-remote location within the next 6 months to the boreal region of Northern Ontario, Canada. I am NOT looking for others to move with me, but I would like to offer my ideas and wisdom regarding off-grid living. I used to live in the bush, and I may be able to offer something useful to newbies…:)I am not a hard-core homsteader, yet I am still dedicated to green living. I enjoy meeting new people and helping them out if I can, and maybe make some new friends in the process…:)

looking for a group to move off grid with
by FREEDOM420 on JANUARY 2, 2012 - 10 Comments in post

I’m looking to move off grid as soon as I graduate high school which will be the summer of 2012. I want to go with a group of people if possible and join or start some sort of community that is 100% self sustainable. I can move anywhere and am looking for open minded smart creative people.

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