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Magniwork scammers unmasked
by ALEXBENADY on OCTOBER 12, 2009 - 18 Comments in ENERGY, URBAN
Dobreski or is it Vrcakovski?

Dobreski or is it Vrcakovski?

Off-Grid.Net readers have finally helped us unmask the culprits behind the  Magniwork magnetic generator scam.

The fraudsters have been swindling gullible buyers with a $50 DIY guide to building a magnetic power generator which claims to produce free energy. Physicists and energy experts have dismissed the product as nonsense.

The brains behind the operation is a shady East European scientist and entrepreneur known as Igor Dobreski. His main accomplice and web-master is a slightly more engaging but still dishonest character called Vojdan Vrcakovski. (more…)

Magniwork Energy internet scam
by ALEXBENADY on OCTOBER 8, 2009 - 83 Comments in ENERGY

Sterling D Allan
Stirling D Allan: “This is Fraud”
Internet fraudsters are raking in  thousands of dollars a day with an elaborate scam selling magnetic perpetual motion machines that are claimed to produce infinite free energy.

Since spring this year an operation called Magniwork has been selling a $50 DIY guide to building a perpetual motion device at home. On their web-site the fraudsters claim the materials are available in any local hardware store for less than $100. One estimate puts sales of the guide as high as 5,000 copies a month, making the scam worth up to $3m a year.

The claims for Magniwork are advanced via an extensive Google advertising campaign, and a network of blogs, web-sites and reviews endorsing the product. (more…)

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