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Preppers movement matures into major market
by SHAMPOODLE on OCTOBER 28, 2011 - 0 Comments in COMMUNITY

...heading to the mainstream (Mila Kunis)

Based on a story by Gordon Fiedler

The Off-Grid movement has parallels with the Preppers. While the latter is more apocalyptic, many preppers want to live off grid and many off-gridders are preppers – meaning they are preparing for a general social or economic collapse.

A recent gathering of preppers at Ottawa County State Fishing Lake, north of Bennington, drew folks from all over the state. They were alerted to the “meet-up” because they are members of the Kansas Preppers Network, which is part of the American Preppers Network.

They go by such online names as Lionheart, Trekker, Kanman, MoEngineer, Guntech and High Hopes. They didn’t want their real identities known for fear of home invasions by the unprepared and also, in some cases, to hide their efforts from suspicious employers.

As forum members, they can post questions and comment on queries from others, rant about current events and share an occasional joke among their prepper peers in every state and in all of Canada’s provinces and territories. There are even groups in Britain, Italy and New Zealand.

APN’s co-founder and current director is Tom Martin, who maintains the site from his Idaho home. (more…)

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