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Bollywood star’s off-grid home
by DHAMOTHARAN on APRIL 24, 2012 - 3 Comments in PEOPLE

Gul: Wants to be alone

India is one of the world’s most off-grid countries – mainly because so many of its inhabitants were never on the grid in the first place.  As hundreds of millions struggle to get connected, Bollywood actress Gul Panag will throw open the doors of her weekend home, one of the first in India to be built to eco standards.

Indians say it’s a leg up for the green home movement, and in that upwardly mobile culture, want to move away from just the symbolic rain-water-harvesting-and-solar- panel installation design to an expensively laid out vision, capped by a system of evaluation, rating and certification. (more…)

Clinton:do as we say,not as we do
by ALEXBENADY on JULY 21, 2009 - 1 Comment in MOBILE, PEOPLE
Secretary of State Clinton and Indian Minister for Environment Jairam Ramesh. Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

Sorry the hardest word.

The United States has for the first time accepted responsibility for its contribution to global warming, but her Indian hosts are unlikely to be impressed with the way US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton couched her statement.

In an attempt to encourage developing nations to cut their carbon emissions,  Clinton warned an audience in Mumbai last week not to make the same environmental mistakes the developing world has made. (more…)

Indian treehouse has lessons for the West
by JULIETTE SMITH on AUGUST 9, 2004 - 2 Comments in LAND

Amidst the tea and coffee plantations, half way between Mysore and Calicut, in the state of Kerala in India, hides a truly magical place: two big treehouses, hidden in the canopy, 90 feet above the ground.



Rainwater harvesting in India
by NICK ROSEN on AUGUST 4, 2004 - 0 Comments in OFF-GRID 101, WATER

From India Today – 03/05/2004

Aurangabad is the epicentre of Maharashtra’s torrid zone. Here temperatures soar to a scorching 45 degree Celsius, turning the earth into a dust bowl. But you wouldn’t know it from the Kedia farm, a bumpy half-hour ride to the south of the city. (more…)

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