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The Stupidity of the “Modern” Home

When I moved off grid, I looked around the internet for kindred souls, I found one in Mayberry, no not the town in that old beloved show, but a man who was very tired of living in the rat race, he became infamous for his “rants” against modern society and all its trappings.

I ran across one of his articles that really touched my soul, this is about how he wants and plans to live, specifically the house he wants to build, as I read what he wrote, I realized he was practically describing our sky castle, made me feel good that another human, especially one I consider to be in the higher echelons of intelligence and common sense wants to design and live in a home that is so similar to how we built. I’m not talking about the castle look, but how it’s built, the structure, inner workings and such. (more…)

Off grid updates

My off grid life is more enjoyable and more fulfilling than just about any part of my old life – living in the city, working 2 jobs just to make ends meet (barely), work, eat, sleep, pay bills, repeat. Honestly I am more busy now, but it’s things I want to do, not things I am forced to do by government, society and life as I used to live it. I get to choose what fun activities and community activities I wish to do and is that ever fun! How does this work?

Simple, (more…)

20 ways to Eco-pimp your home
by ELENA on OCTOBER 14, 2007 - 0 Comments in LAND
keep it small
Keep it small

There are twenty simple tips to green your home at the end of this story, but first, what is an eco home?

Strictly speaking its a house built to minimise negative impact on the plants, wildlife and human beings in the area. It is designed to suit the climate of the area and uses alternative forms of energy for it

Landmark off-grid housing victory
by VEG-HEAD on AUGUST 26, 2007 - 0 Comments in LAND, OFF-GRID 101
Charlotte Landmatters Allaleigh
Charlotte celebrates with a cuppa

Landmatters – a UK off-grid, co-operative battling to keep their hilltop bender community in Devon – has won temporary planning (zoning) permission after a public enquiry. The group of 16 people, featured in Nick Rosen’s book, How to Live Off-grid: Journeys Outside the System, own 42 acres in South Hams, Devon, which by coincidence was named yesterday as one of the least affordable places to live in the British Isles. Houses there cost 10.2 times the average local wage, compared to a national average of 6.7. Landmatters met hostility from neighbours living in multimillion pound houses. The group paid just

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