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Homesteaders Seek Homesteaders
by TIGHTWAD on JANUARY 27, 2011 - 15 Comments in post

We are considering sharing our 30 acre off grid homestead.It would start as a temporary [a year or two] type arrangement,such as a lease. We are more about passing on our knowledge of a simple, organic,sustainable lifestyle than about having been off grid for the last five years.
This is not a free ride as some type of financial lay out will be required. When and how much is open for negotiation,barter may be considered. We are hoping to achieve more sense of community with like minded people.
We would share our knowledge about the things we do here which include gardening,canning, preserving,dehydrating,root cellars,butchering,curing meat,making sausage,making fire wood,wood stove cooking,maple syrup,wild rice,bee keeping,bread baking,wool and fiber prep from shearing to weaving,herbal remedies,fence building,cows,goats,llahmas,horses,rabbits,pigs,chickens,fruit trees,grape vines,wine making,manure,composting,and how to make do or do with out while living off grid and enjoying a simple meaningful life.
You will need some outside source of income. Be aware that this is a rural area and most jobs are low paying and require a 15-50 mile commute.Look at job listings on craigslist for northern Wisconsin or Wausau Wi for a picture of what’s here for employment
So,……. If you are interested, tell us a little about yourself. I’ll warn every one up front, we were saddled with a family of moochers once and are not planning on repeating that. We will need a background check if you are picked. Right now we will consider all applicants, but a couple or family is our preference. We are not concerned about race or creed or any of the things on that list but we do feel you need to be in reasonable physical condition,and be financial healthy. We would like to know about your likes and dislikes,your interest,hobbies,experiences, spiritualality,and education.
We are recovering catholic pagans who went to the school of hard knocks. This is a real offer for real people who plan to actually DO something.
If you are whimpy or whiny, please, do not apply.

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