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A preparedness shopping list

Preppers help the canned goods industry

The US Department of Homeland Security recommends every home have, at the bare minimum, these supplies. The reference to a period of three days can be altered depending on what kind of emergency you are anticipating:

Water (1 gallon per person per day)

Nonperishable food for three days

Can opener

Battery-powered weather radio with tone alert (more…)

Christian Survivalists Losing Faith in the Future
by LYDIA POLZER on NOVEMBER 6, 2011 - 3 Comments in SPIRIT

Todd Ganovski, with Bishop Wayne Boosahda (right)

As of today, Todd Ganovski doesn’t think the world will end anytime soon.

But he does believe that trouble — either a natural disaster or economic crisis — is coming. And he thinks God wants him to help people prepare for it.

Ganovski is co-founder of Emergency Provision, an eBay site based in Tennessee that sells emergency food supplies online and through church networks. He thinks recent disasters like the flood in Nashville, the tsunami in Japan and the earthquake in Washington, D.C., are signs from God that a major disaster is on the way.

“If it does happen, I don’t want to have to jump through FEMA’s hoops to get food,” he said. (more…)

New Madrid Fault System good for business
by TECHSTAR on JANUARY 27, 2011 - 1 Comment in WORK

Stein: Govt money wasted

While the San Andreas fault has the attention of most doomsday scenario buffs, the lesser known New Madrid Fault System is the one that has FEMA (Department of Homeland Security; Federal Emergency Management Agency) tied up in knots.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, there were over 500 measurable earthquakes in the New Madrid Fault System since September. A massive quake in this area would kill or injure millions and leave 14 million homeless. (more…)

Greening of Greensburg
by SUPERJOE on JANUARY 6, 2008 - 0 Comments in EVENTS
Devastated Greensburg
Rebuilding has started

No-one had even heard of the small town of Greensburg until it was devastated by one of the worst tornadoes ever to hit America. Decades-old brick and wood buildings splintered in the winds, and dump trucks hauled out more than 400,000 cubic yards of debris.

But the little Kansas community is about to become the world capital of green – thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio who has been filming in the town for a documentary that has in turn attracted some leading firms to lend their support. Now Greensburg is being rebuilt as the first entirely environmentally friendly community in the US.

As filming started last week, (more…)

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