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Lisa Marie Presley wants to be a pot-head
by VEG-HEAD on MAY 22, 2012 - 2 Comments in EVENTS

Lisa Marie Prepper

Some people will say anything to get publicity and lets admit it: singer Lisa Marie Presley is peddling her latest album. But there was the ring of truth to her off-hand reply to a journalist who asked: “Is there something you haven’t done that you’d like to do?
Lisa Marie: “One day, I would like to become a hippie and go off the grid and never be seen or heard from again. Just become a big pothead, you know?”
The 44-year-old singer-songwriter, the only child of the late Elvis Presley, is notoriously flighty: “I went to England a couple of years ago to write,” she said over the phone. “It was going to be just a month or two but it ended up being eight or nine months. I fell in love with England, came back to Los Angeles, sold everything, then moved to England. Then I heard that (renowned producer) T-Bone Burnett wanted to produce it, so I came back (to LA) .” (more…)

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