Land in Hungary and Romania

Austrian farmers are buying cheap land as fast as they can, but there are 10 million hectares to go, mainly in smallholdings across the country.


Choosing Land for your off-grid home

Buying land means foreseeing problems with water, septic and solar or wind power. Cheap land may not be a bargain if you need to truck in water


Foreclosed? Move to Rio Rancho

Architecturally, the dwellings run the gamut — railroad cars, travel trailers, plywood shacks, doublewides and two-story ranch-style homes.

Here in Rio Rancho outside Albuquerque, residents are beyond the reach of power lines and piped water. A few have solar panels or small wind turbines. For others, like a shanty built by Liz Owens, 57, the cost of renewable power sources and drilling a water well is prohibitive. Generators and plastic water tanks are common yard features.

The local County is concerned about the proliferation of informal development. Sandoval County’s long-term planner said home styles in the area range from railroad cars to travel trailers, plywood shacks and ranch-type homes.