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Thinking of starting an off-grid haven in Portugal? Forget it
by TECHSTAR on AUGUST 10, 2013 - 1 Comment in LAND

Over at http://expatforum, they have been debating the possibility of starting an off-grid ecolodge. Remember this is a country which is on it knees financially – only its links with Brazil are keeping it afloat.

But the welcome given to entrepreneurial, frontiersmen types is, shall we say, frosty?

“I am currently looking at property in the South West and hoping to start up a small scale Eco lodge,” said a newbie poster called Speago.

“We have seen a few suitable property’s with land and would like to put 2/3 Yurts, caravans or log cabin’s on the land with regards to starting up a small tourist business. (more…)

Space Travellers offered new options
by TECHSTAR on MARCH 23, 2012 - 2 Comments in LAND, MOBILE

No zoning issues in the next galaxy...yet

Whether your interest is just in the journey or buying cheap land on another planet, the Final Frontier is the ultimate test of any off-grid survival systems – no chance to add an extra solar panel when you’re light years from home. (more…)

Land in Hungary and Romania
by VEG-HEAD on MARCH 21, 2012 - 3 Comments in LAND

Go East for good quality land

Europeans looking for their off-grid bug-out location could consider Hungary and Romania – farmland prices there are still very low.

In neigbouring Austria a growing army of farmers are buying land in the two relatively poor former members of the Eastern bloc.  At the moment they have the market pretty well to themselves. (more…)

Choosing Land for your off-grid home
by AMY SUAREZ on MARCH 21, 2012 - 3 Comments in LAND

Making tea for the installer is not enough

So you decided to buy land and build a home yourself.  You dream of a valley, water from a natural spring, a small wood with old Oaks.  But there are also some practical things to consider if you plan to build in a remote setting.

Beyond the end of the pavement and the web of water, sewer and electrical lines, land is significantly less expensive. That lower land cost is offset by the cost of utilities. It’s important idea to understand your utility needs before signing a land purchase agreement.

Water and Septic

Water and sewer present as much of a challenge as electricity. (more…)

For sale: entire French village – suit large off-grid community… just $430,000
by SUPERJOE on FEBRUARY 22, 2012 - 2 Comments in EVENTS, LAND

Seeking ready made community - you supply the people

A deserted French village with enough buildings for dozens of families and a communal swimming pool, is up for sale in France – for a little over $400,000. You have until this friday to put in your bid, but if you miss it fear not – there are plenty more bargains across France, Spain, Greece and Portugal, as European economies continue to implode.

The steal of a price for Courbefy, in the unspoilt French boondocks is due both to France’s failing economy and the long-term decline of rural communities. (more…)

Foreclosed? Move to Rio Rancho
by VEG-HEAD on DECEMBER 1, 2009 - 4 Comments in OFF-GRID 101, URBAN
There's worse places to live

There's worse places to live

Architecturally, the dwellings run the gamut — railroad cars, travel trailers, plywood shacks, doublewides and two-story ranch-style homes.

Here in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, residents are beyond the reach of power lines and piped water. A few have solar panels or small wind turbines. For others, like a shanty built by  Liz Owens, 57, the cost of renewable power sources and drilling a water well is prohibitive. Generators and plastic water tanks are common yard features.

The local County is concerned about the proliferation of informal development. The area consists of nearly 50,000 acre and half-acre lots platted decades ago by Amrep Southwest.

Lots have been selling for less than $5,000 this year, said Tracy Venturi, a Realtor familiar with the area. (more…)

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