Lights goes off-grid to get her Mojo back

Hanging out with hippies in a New Mexico hot spring isn’t the first place you might picture Canadian electropoop singer-songwriter Lights — finding inspiration for her week-old new disc, Little Machines. The 27-year-old songstress — born Valerie Poxleitner– had a … Continued


London party for Finding Infinity

London, 4 September 2014 – Fashion Designer Vivienne Westwood held the first of a series of solar-powered parties to promote the use of renewable energy. The designer teamed with Ross Harding of a social enterprise that promotes renewable energy, Finding … Continued


Happy Mondays’ Bez to stand for election

HAPPY Mondays star Bez is living off grid in Wales and planning a move into politics. Bez, the boggle-eyed freaky dancer from Happy Mondays, the band that defined the hedonistic ecstasy-fuelled 1990s, says he now lives an “organic life” and … Continued


Survivalist shaves her armpits, shocker

Actress Shailene Woodley has been all over the media in recent days with stories of her deep green beliefs and survivalist lifestyle. The 23-year-old actress even gave up her cell phone, according to one report, due to a ‘lack of … Continued


Off-Gridder tipped as next billionaire

London squatter Amir Taaki has been tipped as a budding billionaire by Fortune magazine The 25-year-old associated with Dark Wallet, an online service that allows people to trade Bitcoins anonymously, was one of two Londoners who first pioneered the digital … Continued


Roscoe Bartlett – a study in self-sufficiency

Writer Jason Koebler went to visit the Off-Grid Congressman – 87-year-old Roscoe Bartlett – for Politico magazine, and the result is a charming portrait of a very dedicated pubic servant who is spending his final years practising what he preaches. … Continued


Jesse Ventura Daily Mouth-off

Jesse Ventura is launching a daily talkshow on Internet-video.The libertarian rant, to debut next month, will focus, Ventura told Variety, on the hypocrisy of America’s political leaders. The novelty-politician and former wrestler is a part-time off-grid dweller himself, and an … Continued


Woody Harrelson plans paper mill

Actor Woody Harrelson is planning to raise money for Prairie Paper Ventures Inc. a private company he started 15 years back. Prairie Paper makes its paper using a different mix of material from normal: 80% of the inputs come from … Continued