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Jewel spurns Discovery
by SPY_VONDEGA on JANUARY 26, 2012 - 97 Comments in PEOPLE

Jewel Kilcher - prefers Bravo to Discovery

Raised off the grid in Alaska, singer Jewel Kilcher,  known professionally as Jewel, has sold tens of millions of records.  The multi-platinum-selling singer and songwriter also co-hosts a successful TV series.  But she is having nothing to do with her family’s latest venture – a low-budget reality show following their off-grid lives.

Her father and siblings are cashing in on her fame by allowing cameras from Discovery TV to follow them as they endure winter off the grid in Alaska. Jewel has not confirmed she is feeling betrayed by their decision to go for the series without her.  She says the roots of the family are more adventuring than ecological:  “”As a kid, we traveled by bush planes to Alaskan native villages. It would drop us off in the night, and dog sleds would pick us up in the village. I was probably about 6 or 7 years old.”

The simply titled, “Alaska: The Last Frontier,” is just the latest in the ever-expanding list of reality TV shows set in Alaska. (more…)

by LILAC on MARCH 2, 2008 - 0 Comments in EVENTS, OFF-GRID 101
Homer town sign
You’ve got fish

HOMER, Alaska

It�s the westernmost off-grid community in America. And make no mistake, It�s a community.

Its literally at the end of the road, where the Sterling Highway peters out at the tip of the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. They call it the Halibut capital of America. But its a lot more than that – with art galleries, fine dining, an impressive museum, and amazing scenery across the jagged peaks and glaciers of the Kenai Mountains. (more…)

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