Portraits of Maine off the grid
by NICK ROSEN on MAY 15, 2010 - 2 Comments in spirit

Plenty of real houses too

Keliy Anderson-Staley was raised off the grid in Maine. Now 33 she went back to her roots to take a series of  photos of an off-grid Maine community. “I am aware of being an insider and an outsider,” says Anderson-Staley of her work in what is not a commune, simply an area where many live off the grid because there is no grid. “I don’t want to over-romaticise this way of life.”

The beautiful, intimate portraits were featured by Ahorn magazine, and the two dozen photos range from a father and baby, through an elderly couple, to the depiction of living quarters at the top of this story.(The web site is a bit over-designed, and you need to scroll across to find the photos).
Anderson-Staley sees the pictures as “part of a discussion about how we live and the way our lives impact the broader world.”

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1 Tim M. { 06.23.10 at 11:48 pm }

Howdy, I loved viewing the portraits of off the grid life in Maine, as a displaced manier myself it was a little reminder of home. However, it seemed to me the photos were showing only one side of living off the grid. All of the photos of the buildings depicted rather run-down rough looking buildings. I know of many places in Maine where people live off the grid in homes that are impressive by anyones standards, one couple has every major appliance you can have in a home, including flat screen TV’s in the bathroom, all while living off the grid. I would like to see both side of this shown equaly.

The photos of the people I thought were very well done, I especialy enjoyed the farm pictures as I was rasied on a farm in Maine myself.

One last item, I pray to god the author didnt let Kevin in the pictures drive off anywhere with Seamus straped into the seatbelt like that, if Kevin can not afford one please make sure he gets one for the child before something horrible happens to him!

2 C. Cook { 10.15.11 at 5:36 pm }

Wicked. I used to live in D-F City and in the photo series was an old friend. Wow, thank you for sharing and bringing back some old memories.

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