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Last week I wrote about an important survival necessity, paracord, well some consider it a necessity, I do use it, it is how I keep my boots on, they replaced my laces, I kept them pretty long, wrapping the excess around the top of my boots. So today I thought I’d show you some videos I found on YouTube all about how to tie paracord into decorative and useful items, it’s just a way to keep the paracord on or near you so that if you needed to use it for any reason, it would be handy for you, all you’d need to do is pull the paracord item apart and viola, you have what you need. No one wants to walk around with a long hank of paracord in their pocket or purse, that wouldn’t work very well, and chances are you would end up with a rats-nest of knots that wouldn’t do you any good.

How to Tie the Ideal Paracord Lanyard Knot (Two Strand Diamond Knot)

Here’s another monkey fist

Oh wow! Now this one is really simple and easy, I think I like it the best of all!

OK, now I’m really impressed with this guy, he also has a quick, simple method to make a paracord bracelet that is easily untied, and easily retied, no jig, no separate connectors.

There are hundreds of other how to tie paracord videos on YouTube, from very simple to very complex, some use jigs, some have other hardware embedded in it, some use multiple colors to make a more decorative paracord goodies. Do you use paracord? Do you have a favorite way to make it into something useful?

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