LDS Cannery Crackdown


Has the GMO Food and Drug Pushers Administration sent forth another volley in their war on whole foods and self-sufficiency?

We all know that the FDA is present to further the agendas of Big Food and Big Agri as opposed to protecting the best interests of consumers, and rumor has it that their most recent antic is a crackdown on LDS canneries.

If so, then we can all rest easy now, knowing that, at least east of the Mississippi, those scary Latter Day Saints can no longer provide the means to preserve food for people to take home with them.

Kellene Bishop of Preparedness Pro posted this update on Facebook on May 3:

While there have been rumors for several months that this would happen, it’s now official!

ALL LDS Canneries east of the Mississippi will no longer be canning any food. The FDA, in their infinite, expert opinions–said with the greatest of sarcasm–has managed to FINALLY create such a set of conditions which are impossible for the LDS Church to comply with. (Given the financial standing of the LDS Church it’s clear that this isn’t a monetary issue and since they have been seriously committed to helping others be self-sufficient at great sacrifice to themselves for decades, it’s clearly not a lack of commitment.)

I’m sure the FDA is mighty proud of themselves for FINALLY coming up with sufficient conspiring to get this done. They are clearly intent on stopping from ANY purchasing in bulk within two years in the LDS Canneries. At this point the LDS Canneries in SLC will need to pre-package foods and then send them East. So that means that more and more LDS members are going to need to volunteer to keep up with the workload.

Prepare while you can, folks, cause you never know when “They” will change your plans.

Interestingly, the Mormon newspaper Deseret News has denied that this is the case and says nothing of FDA regulations.  In an article refuting the claims that the canneries were no longer going to be providing canning facilities, they said that the canneries were being “tweaked”.  This is directly at odds to the story that  Bishop posted on Facebook.  Or is it?  The LDS makes this confusing claim:

“Over time, we will be reducing the number of facilities where the packaging of dry goods occurs,” LDS spokeswoman Ruth Todd said Monday. However, she added, the church’s “home storage centers will offer the same or additional commodities in pre-packaged form, at no additional cost.”The church is not closing canneries and is not limiting the variety of goods available to church members,” she said. The only thing being reduced over time is the number of locations at which members can purchase bulk food and can it themselves onsite.

Bishop responded to the article with numerous first-person reports from LDS members across the country, who claim that they are no longer able to can food themselves at the canneries due to government regulations.  The stories shared by the members are all very consistent, and point towards excessive regulations.  Some canneries will lend the equipment out to people, but the canning is no longer able to be done on-site.  You can read these comments HERE.

The LDS has long been admired in prepper circles for the teachings that people should have a years worth of food stored up, as well as helping church members and others make this happen, through websites, free e-book downloads, and famously, the LDS canneries.  The LDS canneries are facilities across the US and Canada where people can go and use the  equipment at no charge to preserve long term storage food.

There is a definite trend in recent years of people being regulated right out of the ability to be self-sufficient.  Whether it is the harassment against those who grow their own food in their own front yard, the proclaimed illegality of collecting rainwater, or the crackdown on small farms, the FDA and other government agencies are there to keep us safe from these villains, complete with SWAT teams and armed raids.  Meanwhile, they allow Big Food carte blanche to use neurotoxic additives and market the products containing them as healthy.  They allow Monsanto to sell untested GMOs.  Despite the fact that independent scientists have found plenty of evidence that GMOs cause organ failure, cancer, and death, they refuse to listen to our pleas for labels, at the very least, so we can know exactly what it is we’re consuming.

But by golly, they’ll shut down those raw milk dairies. They’ll put the lockdown on those canneries.  They’ll destroy heritage livestock and pour bleach on organic food.

Do you feel safer yet?

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If you read the book Crimes Against Nature by Robert F Kennedy Jr, he clearly lays out how industry representatives get appointed to administration positions in the Federal Agencies designed to protect Americans from industry. The system is broken, the government corrupted by corporate money. The result is good for corporations and bad for the people.

On the subject of GMO I like the logical and knowledgeable perspective of Dr. Thierry Vrain, formerly Head of Biotechnology @ Agriculture Canada’s Summerland Research Station, once a supporter of GMO is now sharing his understanding of why the science behind genetic engineering is flawed in his recent Ted talk entitled The Gene Revolution, The Future of Agriculture:

No doubt more people would be listening to his words were they being heard in the media. Canadians are having to go to the length of signing a petition for him to be interviewed by the CBC.

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