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With December here, Christmas is just around the corner, if you are anything like I am, money is tight. I just had to spend 3 Benjamin’s on a new set of deep cycle batteries, that was a big ouch but something that happens when you are off grid and using batteries to store power. I’m not complaining though, the freedom we have as a result of being off grid is priceless. So this year, I’m looking for inexpensive things to make for gifts, things are unique, and hopefully things I have a multitude of laying around that can be easily and readily accessed. Oh, and did I mention I don’t have much time to spare for doing these things?

OK, here is something I have an abundance of, twigs & sticks and cans & glass jars. I have seen these candle holders made with glass jars (usually canning jars), sticks or twigs, a bit of twine or natural jute and some hot glue. It’s very simple, you break the twigs to just a little taller than the glass jar, hot glue the twigs to the jar, you can go sparse or you can completely cover the glass (I think I prefer the full coverage look). Make sure the twigs all line up at the base so it will sit flat. Then you can wind some twine or jute around the outside in a decorative manner, tie a pretty bow or a plain knot, drop in a candle and voila! You have an instant gift. You could also use an empty, clean can, glue the twigs around the can, tie with jute and you have a great looking container for candy, pencils or whatever you wish to fill it with.

In keeping with the glass jar/light theme, I saw this on line and liked the look, it’s a decorative DIY Mason Jar oil lamp. Just follow these directions and you will have a nice looking oil lamp filled with whatever decorations you like. Click on the image for the directions.

Let’s stay with the twig theme for a bit, I have seen these in high end home and decorating magazines, anyone with some twigs, some hot glue and some imagination would be able to make these with no problems. The great thing is you can do them in different sizes for a grouping, and each one will be completely unique.

Another thing that can be done with twigs is hot glue them around a frame or mirror. Or use the twigs to spell out words and frame it…

I just did a search for the terms “twig art” and found a plethora of ideas, from the simple to the sublime! Who doesn’t have twigs laying around for the taking? I am inspired and believe I’ll have some nifty gifts together in no time!
Google search for “twig art” in images

Do you make DIY gifts? Is so, what do you do? I’d love to hear your ideas and inspirations!

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1 William { 12.21.12 at 1:59 pm }

I LOVE THESE! Nothing feels better than seeing a family member’s face when they receive a hand-made gift. The kids and I got ideas from homeseasons and made individual items for each family member. Took a while, yes. Worth it, most definitely.

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