10 cuts Government could make right now
by NICK ROSEN on MARCH 1, 2013 - 0 Comments in SELF-SUFFICIENCY

Democrats say they will have to cut welfare, schools, prison budgets, FBI and border controls. But come on! We all know government, and the public sector generally, is stuffed full of time-servers drawing generous salaries, not working very hard and waiting for their pensions.

This is especially true at the senior management level, but its happening all the way down the line. And it is true at the State level as well as Federal. In fact it may be even more true at the State level.

There are a huge number of cuts the Kleptocracy who run the country could make right now — cuts which would radically reduce government waste as well as profligate use of energy and other resources in the private sector. Here are some examples – Please add comments with any more you can think of:

End contracts for management consultants across the entire public sector. They are pulling in billions a year by doing the job the actual managers should be doing. Seek input from the public when looking for fresh ideas. Have volunteers moderate public discussion of the problems that face local or national government. (Saving $45 billion per year approx)

Grow food in all public open spaces — from the forecourts of office buildings to wasteland and storage units and – except parks which are for urbanites to relax and get fresh air – all the public spaces – the gardens of large public buildings, even if normally private, and kerbside green spots, however small (Saving – priceless gain in community spirit)

Reduce US representation on all foreign and international committees to a maximum of two people – this includes the UN, IMF, World Bank, OAS, OECD, and many more. (Saving: billions)

Remove 50 percent of the lightbulbs across the entire public sector – All public buildings are horribly overlit and just a way of pouring taxpayer money into the energy companies. (Saving $2.6b per year)

No more expense account or subsidised food for public sector workers. If they want to entertain colleagues at lunch they can do it on their own dime. (saving $11b per year)

Turn the heat down ten degrees in all public buildings – Bureaucrats, Politicians, Lobbyists and their staff could wear coats and wooly hats indoors, just like poor people. (Saving $4.3b per year)

Remove all personal cars from all government employees and congressmen. They can make do with a pool of cars – still a huge cost – and they can pay a quarter per mile out of their own pockets – that will focus their minds a little. (Saving $0.8b per year)

Ban first class travel and five star hotels for the entire public service especially the State Department and all Governors.

Turn parks into urban jungles – they look better that way, and if local people care enough about it, they can come out wit their clippers, get involved and stop expecting the government to do everything for them

Force the resignation of all publicly elected officials who preside over offices where there is a conviction for fraud or embezzlement

Start a write-in campaign so the public can make their own suggestions, and ensure those suggestions are made public along with the reasons why they were or not acted upon


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