[before_listing images= youtube=null] I am currently in the military and getting out fairly soon. One of my goals when I get out is to buy 10 acres of land in northern Alabama and start living off Grid.

I want to start off slow with solar panels and growing easy to raise vegetables, some chickens, and try and hunt off the land. I want to build my own home using old shipping containers. I don’t want to be a recluse but I do want privacy. I have slowly been learning more and more about living off grid but I want to know more about surviving off the land.

Can anybody lend a hand?[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

  • Karen

    I am just collecting ideas and the best way to start living off grid. I already have property in Tennessee. I have a small spring on the property but not sure if it is feasible in supplying water needs. Does anyone know about using the wind turbines? I am starting this project by next march so I am trying to collect all resource options that want cost me an arm and a leg. If you know what I mean. The mother motherearthnews is great resource. I am moving a travel trailer up there first. Then I want to start on cabin.
    If anyone has ideas please let me know.
    Thank you all for sharing ideas and thoughts!

  • Penguine

    Is this something you are going to do on your own? Do you have family involved (wife/kids)? When you say “get out of the military” do you mean retire or seperate? Are you going to have an income coming in? All important questions to ask.

    There are a lot of websites for looking at property for sale, http://www.landwatch.com, http://www.landandfarm.com, http://www.billyland.com (missed 40 acres in SD on this one.. ARGH!!). I am retired AF and when my kids are out of school I am planning on heading off-grid. 10 acres should do you well, I started off looking at 50+ but price is a factor.

    There is a LOT of good information on http://www.motherearthnews.com also. Google “small hobby farms”. I have found a great article on motherearthnews about a farm on 1 ac, great info.

    Look for something with a water source (river, stream, pond, spring) to give you access to non-potable water. Check in to well depths also. I am looking at property in MI right now and well depths are 70-100ft @ $10 per foot ($700-$1000) per well. Might be more or less.

    Shoot me an email and we can bounce ideas off each other. My plan doesnt kick in for about 4 years, but the land purchase and subsequent trips to that land in preperation are starting this year.


  • diannamarsolek

    hi im dianna and my husband is paul we may have what you are looking for diannamarsolek @yahoo .com