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Tree house vacation
by OAYA on AUGUST 31, 2014 - 2 Comments in COMMUNITY, WATER

Edisto river canoe and tree house experienceBook a tree house on the Edisto River.

These tree houses have no electricity or running water, but are considered one of the South Carolina Lowcountry’s most unique getaways. Canoe down a dozen miles to the secluded site, then canoe farther down to check out the river the next day.

Each treehouse is tucked in the woods out of view of any other, nestled in the trees on the river’s edge and privately accessed by canoe. (more…)

Trout Pout – off-gridders ticked off with obscure fish
by TECHSTAR on AUGUST 25, 2014 - 0 Comments in WATER

Off-Grid Cabins in Holy Joe are victimised by trout-lovers

Fire chief says human needs trump trout

ORANGE COUNTY, Aug 24th – Mike Milligan trudges up the canyon, gesturing at bone-dry trees, streams that have turned to trickles and thick carpets of tinder- ready, dead leaves. A cigarette dangles from his lips, slowly becoming ash.
Milligan, the volunteer fire chief for Holy Jim Canyon and longtime cabin owner in the area, frets about fire. His firsthand experience tells him that the driest year on record – 2013 – has only grown worse. The first seven months of 2014 were the hottest ever in Orange County.
“I’ve been coming up here 50-plus years, and I’ve never seen it this bad,” Milligan said.
One problem? The canyon’s alder trees are dying. In healthy times, the alders shade fishing holes. During this drought, the tall, dead alders serve as potential torches. The desiccated trees also shed duff – dead branches and leaves – that in some spots is a foot deep.
The last time the entire forest burned was in 1908, though the smaller Indian Fire took out great patches of forest in 1980. (more…)

How to build your own water cistern system

What Is A Water Cistern System?

Those living in a municipality often take for granted utility services that many rural property dwellers are not privileged to enjoy. Many people living in rural regions are extremely fortunate if they are able to afford the huge expense to drill a water well and even more fortunate if the drill actually strikes good potable water. For those rural proprietors or tenants who are challenged by the absence of a drinkable water source on their property a cistern system is a practical and economical alternative. (more…)

Monsoon season is here

We are fully in our monsoon season now, and it’s about time! We have had fairly dry summers for the past few seasons, in fact we haven’t had a really wet summer since the first year we moved here in ’07. I had read that this summer would be a wet year for my part of the country, and for that I am truly grateful. (more…)

Rainwater collection

Water, it’s a requirement for life, health, sanitation. Living in far western Texas, it’s desert and pretty dry most of the year. We are in the beginning of our rainy season or monsoon season, it will last a month to a month and a half. Most of the residents out here use a well for their water needs, but there are a few who collect the rain water that falls from the sky during the wet season, if you have enough storage, it’s possible to collect enough water to last the year. (more…)

100 things to do on British Waterways
by AMY SUAREZ on APRIL 29, 2014 - 0 Comments in WATER

1x1placeholderThe Canal & River Trust (formerly British Waterways) is publishing details of 100 readymade waterway days out ( to give individuals, couples and families a simple and affordable chance to spend quality time.

Half the UK population lives within five miles of one of the Canal & River Trust’s waterways and canals. And there are now 34,000 licensed boats and thousands more unlicensed ones where off-gridders can leave cheap or free lives.

British Waterways were unable to say how fast the numbers are growing, but they do say there are now more boats on the waterways “than at the height of the Industrial Revolution” in the C19th. (more…)

Not prepped at all….

During this last major cold snap, I heard a story on NPR (National Public Radio), it’s the only radio station we can pick up out here, it’s quite a bit left leaning for our tastes, but we take that into consideration when we listen, especially to the news stories.

So this story was about (yet another) major cold snap that was about to hit major parts of the USA, there were going to be states of emergency declared because of the snow, ice and very low temps. There were going to be school and business closings.

The thing that really caught my attention, the thing that surprised me (but probably shouldn’t have) is the talk about “runs on the stores”, they were preparing for, get this, being potentially shut in for, (more…)

Save Money on Gas/Electricity
by AMY SUAREZ on DECEMBER 7, 2013 - 1 Comment in ENERGY, OFF-GRID 101, WATER

beat electrcity/gas price rises. Save money on utulities, save money on energy

Good idea for Xmas

Time for a selection of Christmas Gifts for our ON-Grid friends and family. Here’s how to help others save money on energy bills during these cold, dark winter days as bills are going up.

Though price rises are as inevitable as winter, they are a reminder on why its sensible to be off the grid, and also a reason for your less fortunate cousins to check their energy use.

To help them shave large chunks off their energy bills, we’ve put together a guide to this year’s best energy-saving gadgets.

Philips Hue Wi-Fi lo-energy bulbs

Rainwater politics
by NICK ROSEN on DECEMBER 1, 2013 - 2 Comments in WATER

Tax on rainwater coming soon, State rules prevent  free use of rainwater

Water, water everywhere

You can drink the rainwater in Atlanta, Georgia, but that is one of the few places in the US that provides for the use of rainwater as a source of drinking water. A handful of states – including Arizona, Texas, and Virginia – have created tax credits to reduce rainwater harvesting system costs.

Meanwhile water rates are rising at an average of 8% a year, and corporations are freely using “our” rainwater to increase their profits. (more…)

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