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Step Away from the Phone, Sir
by TREETOPSJEN on NOVEMBER 15, 2013 - 0 Comments in SPIRIT

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Suck it up my digital friend

U-Wire University of Colorado at Boulder; Boulder, CO -

Every few weeks, a group of people — typically a dozen or so professionals, from Silicon Valley and Wall Street, academia and Hollywood — pay for the privilege of ditching their smartphones, laptops and tablets and spending a few days at a lodge in the California Redwoods for a “Digital Detox.” (more…)

New Prepper Comic Book
by SPY_VONDEGA on JULY 13, 2013 - 0 Comments in SPIRIT


Off-Grid is everywhere

Graphic artist Plaid Klaus launched the Off Grid comic book series in April 2013. The illustrator and writer is focusing on life after a societal collapse and the resulting civil unrest in his new series.

Released by Mind Comics, an indie comic book publisher, Off Grid is the tale of a band of “Resistance” fighters, strategically trying to survive on the outskirts of society. (more…)

Buy real estate with Earth Energy advice
by NICK ROSEN on JULY 1, 2013 - 0 Comments in SPIRIT


Roy Riggs grimaces his lips to emit his favourite sound: ssshhhhh…. its the sound of white noise.

That is what he wants to hear when he turns on one of the seven gizmos packed neatly into his black leather attache case.

Riggs is a Geopathic and electromagnetic energy consultant, operating from his home in Brighton UK. White noise means there are no unhealthy outside influences in the vicinity. No mobile phone masts, no underground rivers, no wireless modems or other electronic gadgets. (more…)

Kings of Summer
by SPY_VONDEGA on JUNE 14, 2013 - 1 Comment in SPIRIT

kings of summerMarketed as the next Superbad, this movie is more simply the next summer classic.

Three 15-year-old boys in suburban Ohio stumble on a wooded area not far from home and decide to abide there for the summer, living off the land and off the grid. Their hunter-gatherer lifestyle quickly turns into more shopper-gatherer, or bargain-hunter; and of course the communal wilderness friendship is tested when girls show up. (more…)

Gleaning information from the older generation


Look around you, how many grey and white heads are nearby? If you are lucky, you will have at least one, if you are very lucky you will have multiple to choose from. Why is it so fortunate to have older folk around? Simple, beneath all that gray and white hair is a plethora of knowledge and experience. This is a valuable resource, and one that is dwindling each and every day. Often the biggest feat is to find those who lived through the great depression and still have their mental faculties and are willing to sit down and talk about their lives, that’s the trifecta!

These folk grew up during a time when most things were done by hand, black and white TV was something for the wealthy, that’s if they had electricity. Lighting was often candles and kerosene lanterns. Some lived on farms and had to get up before dawn to take care of farm animals before eating breakfast and heading off to school. These folks grew up in circumstances that most of us can’t even imagine. (more…)

Relationship (Part 2)
by WRETHAOFFGRID on FEBRUARY 14, 2013 - 6 Comments in SPIRIT, WRETHA

Today is traditionally the day when men are supposed to show their love and affection for their women by buying flowers, chocolates and cards, then there is the obligatory dinner, if you have more money to spend, maybe a splurging on a bit of bling for your woman…  All month, the world has been filled with red hearts and cherubim flying around shooting heart shaped arrows, all the commercials on the TV and radio has been trying to make men feel guilty if they do not do the traditional things that are supposed to be done by today to make the woman in their life feel complete.

BLAH I say! I had a discussion with PB today about this very subject, I don’t understand why some women feel so giddy when their man spends half a C note or more on a dozen roses and a box of chocolates, in a week the flowers will be turning brown, the chocolate will be on its way to adding inches where they aren’t wanted, then you have to toss the refuse in the trash. I say, if you are going to spend money like this, why not spend it on something that is really useful? (more…)

We’ve come a long way baby!

The latest addition, the turret…


December 22, 2012 was our 5 year anniversary living 100% off grid, and I almost missed it! The day went by without me realizing it, I tend to forget dates anyhow, it’s just our way of living, not just ours though, but everyone who lives out here is similarly affected by that “problem”… It’s OK, though, it makes life much easier when one isn’t worried about what the date is or what time it is. :) (more…)

TEOTWAWKI on Dec 21, 2012 – or not…

I have always wanted to live off the grid, when I was a kid, I didn’t exactly know what that meant, I just knew that I wanted to live away from people and populated areas, I wanted to live off the land, to be free of society, to be self sufficient. There were no solar panels back then, at least none to be had by most people, I was willing to live in a small cabin using candles or kerosene lanterns for light, cooking on a wood stove or fireplace, living like a pioneer. Little did I know that the end of the world would come in my lifetime…


It’s December, again!

South side of the Sky Castle in winter

I can’t believe it’s already December! Where did the year go? As I posted previously about being thankful, I can’t say it enough, I am so very happy with my life. One reason, and I believe it to be a really big part is the fact that I am content with my life. I don’t have the best money can buy. I don’t have everything I ever wanted. But I am happy and contented with what I have and how I am getting to live. Can you honestly say that? (more…)

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