Looking to go off the grid
by APOLLO on SEPTEMBER 17, 2014 - 0 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

I’ve been wanting to move off the grid for quite a few years. Wondering if there are any others on the island as well.

I want to be free and live with the world; not simply on it.
by STEVEN007X3 on SEPTEMBER 12, 2014 - 4 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

Where to start? I’m 24 years old and a full-time college student, right now. My philosophy has always been the golden rule and I try my best to uphold it. I’m an animal lover of all kinds; cat’s, dog’s, bird’s, even rat’s. I’m a fun loving person and would love to get away from society. I want to support myself and do my part for a small community. I know the basic’s on growing plants, but my expertise lie within electronics (solar power). If I could find a place to do my part and not have to worry about bills, I would relocate tomorrow. I want to help the world and I’m looking for more people who want the same. I want peace and to live with animals outdoors. I do not want to be controlled or have control; I want to simply live and share with my fellow neighbor.

I found my dream home, but not the financing
by JANELL on AUGUST 30, 2014 - 1 Comment in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

Living off the grid would be a dream come true. My goal is to have sustainable housing when I retire. I found the perfect property, but can’t find the financing. The owner will carry 50% too :(. Not to mention – I am off the grid on my credit I guess, because all I have is a car payment! Not good if you are looking for credit.

Seeking like minded people to form spiritual eco tribal community
by ALICEVCARTER on AUGUST 16, 2014 - 5 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

Myself and my friend David have met and are seeking a group of like minded people to move back to nature possibly in Italy or Spain and build a community based on the people, land and nature.

The main difficulty with living in today’s society is that for many of us it doesn’t feel natural on any level. Everything feels separate from us. Slowly an alternative culture has developed away from this but this in itself is fragmented by its own idealism and is rife with moralist/altruistic justifications for what ends up being very subjective, fear-based motivations for change.
There is however a growing number of people who are interested in moving towards a transition back to nature, for no other reason than that it feels “good” and it’s what they like. Transition culture is not something we can cherry-pick to our personal liking but is something that occurs through us, more like a free-fall into a way of being that “I” have no control over but yet feels deeply connecting and “right”. It isn’t something that can be manufactured but occurs when almost everything else has fallen away. This project originates from a dying away of the ideal of “individualism”, which is occurring through us all now.
The project expressed here is the beginning of a transition movement which has no leader or centre or ideology to be upheld, but is uncompromisingly focused in the observation and recognition of nature and natural processes as the followed direction. There is no “choice” invovled in this process, it simply that which instictively feels natural that is followed. This is not compartmentalized to any one aspect of life because that is not natural. As such for those involved “back-to-nature” it is the magnetic pull that is all-encompassing, involving the whole of human life from finding food and shelter to connecting to other humans, every nuance being left to nature’s way.
This page is a blog-like progression of events of how we have decided to find some land and create a natural-farming community and will illustrate how this community develops and changes. It is also an open invitation to those who would like to be within this at whatever stage, from here at its at pre-seed stage or at any point thereafter, as we follow this simple instinctive-intuitive response to our current lives.
Below are articles, books and materials which are essential in their entirety to illustrate the way we have been changed and opened-up to realize the true nature of ourselves behind the mask. I would suggest that you choose some of these to read in order to see whether you are really interested in what we are doing. Then, if you feel drawn to this, do contact me as I would very much like to hear your comments and would also be glad of your like-mind! Please contact me via this page.
Through something unknown we meet in kinship.

Please look at our website for details on blueprints, ideas and articles :)

Love Alice

Spiritual state
by AVKUBOTA on AUGUST 14, 2014 - 6 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

I consider myself a spiritual being, who is self sufficient and always hungry to learn more. I absolutely love to surround myself with nature, hiking, swimming and have the idea of wanting to grow my own vegetation. My ideal situation is to live outdoors, away from society and the city and their commercial ways of living. As far apart as possible, and become self sustainable in all ways. I believe we all have the same capabilities, it’s up to us as individuals to want to be capable and translucent. I am 24 yrs. old and have a 3 month old boy. I want my young one to grow up with a different mind set thean the majority of society. Away from TV, commercial influences, and be closer to Earth. We currently live as part of the society and buy organic products from our grocery to our hand soap. And try my best to pick to most earth friendly products including diapers. I wanted to dothis before I had kids but sometimes, our plans change. It’s never too late. I am open to move to any other country/continent. With a good sufficient plan in hands.

Vilcabamba enthusiast
by EMIL on AUGUST 13, 2014 - 1 Comment in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

Hello I’m looking for people who want to move to Vilcabamba Ecuador.

Personaly I feel I am at the begining of the realisation of my dream wich is to live in vilcabamba ideally in a pyramid type house near a river :)

I am looking for motivated people who want to build a pyramid type house. People who are willing to live in a tent for long period.
( I think it is not a terrible condition..)

I Am 21. My name is Emil Knol.
I’m still getting the money for the project. I’m not really wealthy so I look for a co-location

Email me at

Building a community
by SINE NOMINE on AUGUST 12, 2014 - 15 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

_____Greetings to you, whoever you are.
_____First off, I’d like to tell you something about myself. In simple terms, I am a man of vision. And spiritual one at that (I have no religion). Jack of many trades, able to learn whatever is needed. I see no future in this weird society and want to set myself free from it… I am not willing to be slave with boring job for miserable pay…
_____There are two types of people: Those with a vision and those with strength and knowledge to make it come true. One without the other is powerless, other without the one lacks direction. I have the vision… But I need you, you and you, to make it happen.
_____My vision is a community of few dozen people, that is as self-sufficient as possible, that evolves and grows. A community where everyone does what they do best and share it with others, where there’s no money and no one’s left behind. Where you aren’t required to do everything… Where one farms, while the other repairs tools, makes pottery or chops wood. Where “self-sufficient” is brought as far as it goes, going beyond mere food, water and electricity.
_____What I is see is a working village in subtropical climate with all necessary craftsmen and equipment to make tools, clothes, containers, furniture, etcetera, that works on principle of consensus and trust instead of leadership. A point where the best of ancient ages and modern times meets. Natural life alongside of technology and electricity.
_____There is simply too much to convey in such a small place as this, so I will cut it here… My contribution to community would be: Broad though not very detailed knowledge, spiritual insight, good organizing capabilities and help with whatever needs to be dealt with. I am a student from not-so-rich country, which makes my money situation and possible contribution pretty much clear. otherwise… I am animal-loving raw vegan and kinda right-brained person. In a tribe I would be a shaman, a druid, or whatever you call that position. I feel that my place is being the “glue” of community, the soul of it.
_____I am open to questions and discussions. What I need now is basic group of people, about ten or so, to initiate the first step. To do the planning and research with me, to get some money together, to pick the right place (I would be for the Mediterranean. But I can imagine land there being expensive and so I am willing to travel worldwide to make it happen.) and to prepare. I want foundations to be clear before we start building. I am already writing down things, skills and people needed for such a community to work and I am doing some researches. Shortly after posting this, I will be posting a forum thread with much more detailed description of the “bare bones” of my plan and vision. Thank you for reading any of this. If this is resonating with you… Lets make it happen! Individually we might be struggling, but humans aren’t meant to live on their own, we are pack animals, a tribal species… Let us go back to our roots.

Off grid dream in Spain!
by SANNA on AUGUST 9, 2014 - 1 Comment in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

We are a 23 year old couple with no children yet, and we wish to move from Sweden to Spain and live off the grid. Maybe building an Earthship, that would be so great!

We are tired of the western way of living, eat-work-buysomeshit-sleep-eat-work-buysomeshit-sleep.. You know what i mean. And the mindless consumption of things that rules our society today.

We want to live in harmony with nature and not exploit it by just being alive.
We want to grow our own food, instead of buying it at the store, stuffed with chemicals and transported all over the globe.
We try to eat organic but that’s expensive here and we don’t have a lot of money.

I’m suffering from seasonal deppression, and the long, cold and dark winters here are slowly killing me, having to eat medications that I really despise. I’m positive that if we could make this dream come true, in a land of the sun, I wouldn’t need them at all and that would be so wonderful!

I’m working as an assistant nurse, and my partner are going to study to be an electrician in the near future.

We seek other people with the same dream, to maybe form a small community with, maybe on the eastern coast in Spain? Or an already established community that suits us, and vice versa, who are willing to welcome us.

Please feel free to send us a message!

Sanna & Sebastian

Young Family Looking to move off grid
by AJASMINE on AUGUST 4, 2014 - 3 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

Hello, My name is Amanda, I am 28 Years old. My husband Rick is 31 and I have 2 children ages 3 and 5. we are looking to live off the grid in a eco friendly community or just family friendly place. My husband works in the manufacturing field he is good with his hands, hard worker. other then that he is fun laid back easy person to get along with he loves outdoors activity’s. As for myself, I’m a stay at home mom, I love to read, write, watch the news, hanging out with my family, I love to cook, travel and I love anything fun. we would need to be somewhere that my husband can get a job or we could work and contribute for housing. willing to relocate any where in the USA.

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