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Stare into a crystal ball and the future doesn’t look too rosy. We have a stunningly beautiful planet full of natural resources that should be able to sustain all the Earth’s creatures, including us human beings. But humans never really had a plan to manage our planet, we simply grab what we can and push others aside to acquire more than our share of Earth’s resources. The human population has overwhelmed the Earth’s ability to renew itself naturally. As individuals, we can often choose to what extent we engage with this “rat race”, but sometimes there seems to be no choice, no other options, no other path to follow. There is no obvious plan for a “better world” so many humans just keep grabbing and give little consideration to the inevitable outcomes. They dont see any alternatives open to them.

But there are options to follow an alternative path, and many more people worldwide are discovering these other choices. If you have wealth in financial terms, you can buy a chunk of Earth and live your dream individually. Or you can join with others to create a opportunity that takes you down that better path and creates a lifestyle with less damaging impact on the planet, an affordable alternative that aims to give back to the planet rather than just keep grabbing, a plan for a sustainable future. And there are lots of brave groups of individuals building alternatives, including those of us behind this initiative. Its our plan to demonstrate a better way to manage earth’s resources : it is called THE PLOTGATE VENTURE. Its not definitive, its not the only option, its not an easy choice, it won’t suit everyone………. but its our plan.

” Plotgate aims to provide rural homes and livelihoods which are sustainable, affordable, and diminish motor transport through car-sharing and other means” ……thats our mission statement, and this info file aims to outline our vision to you so you can decide if Plotgate might be an option for your future.

The Land

The land has been bought at auction, through the disposal of a county farm, a block of approx 24 acres of flat pasture, with established boundary hedging, in rural Somerset. There are no existing buildings on site , but it is on the edge of a village with buildings either side. We are currently preparing an outline planning application.

The Plan

The aim is to divide the biggest field, 16 acres approx, into 2 smallholdings, and on 2 acres of the smaller field to place 8 self build low-impact live/work dwellings, giving these residents access to the remaining 6 acres of this smaller field to persue land-based activities There will be strict criteria that residents will be required to adhere to, ensuring that the project as a whole is sustainable and has minimal impact on the environment. There will be a low-impact communal building with a multitude of shared facilities, including all amenities that residents require but are easily shared, thus eliminating the need for duplication across the site. All services will be provided off-grid, both in individual dwellings and communally, using a range of renewable energy devices, with energy demand being minimised to enable the whole Plotgate Venture to be self sufficient with no reliance on mains services. The existing mains water connection will be kept but steps taken to supply water demands from on-site facilities.

Live/ Work plots will be individually owned by residents, purchased on long term leases from an Industrial and Provident Society, which will lease the land from the Community Land Trust which owns it. There will be a committee of residents who will manage the Venture for the benefit of all residents, to maintain the stated aims and objectives, ensure the criteria are adhered to, and to find new ways to make the Plotgate Venture a leading example of a viable alternative eco-community that manages the land sustainably.

Pahana Tribe

We are a intentional community on the outskirts of Albuquerque New Mexico in the small town of Moriarty.

We are working toward 100% self sustaining off grid living with others of like minds.

Before considering us check our listing on

if you like what you see contact me via the information provided and we can begin a dialog.

What we do NOT want are fakes… We observe carefully new residents and they are guests only until we come to a conclusion.

I have managed communities for some time and found most people (not all) are people escaping from the realities THEY have created.

This list includes alcohol & substance abusers, individuals who have burned bridges and gotten evicted from their homes.

These individuals will say anything for a place to stay and a chance at a new life but the reality is many are not ready for change and they are not cut from the cloth needed to work hard and build something for their future.

That said the ones who are ready and create change have moved on to greener pastures, more organized communities or similar.

We closed one community in Feb of 2014 based on the property owner being the source of the problem, disbanded 13 adults and sent two families on their way.

We restarted Pahana Tribe under our own rules, incentives and sweat and are now in a position to do it correctly.

The warning as stated above is clear… We watch for the fruits of the tree and if it is rotten we discard it and plant a fresh tree.

If you truly wish to be a part of something that is growing and can be a great family and lifestyle then lets talk…

If your undecided, confused or destitute and will say whatever you have to then move on to another because we will see it, stop it and send you on your way.

What we have to offer…

We are currently on 2.5 acres with a 5 bedroom home, large livestock area, 8 Chickens, 16 Rabbits, 4 Alpacas and more each day.

Our gardens are under construction and seedlings are well on their way.

We have all of the materials to build vertical wind mills, cob / hobbit housing or accommodate RV’s / Travel Trailers.

We are close enough to Albuquerque to salvage, up-cycle and acquire free items from Craigslist / Free-cycle and recondition or resell those items.

We are close enough to (2) small towns with part time work if you want some spending cash.

If you understand Pahana we are close enough to the 4 corners and in a area of the country that is green friendly, fairly good weather and hospitable real local people who do not judge quickly but rather extend a hand and offer friendship until they get to know you.

In my opinion we are in the right place with all of the ingredients for success, independence and a future come natural disaster or whatever God has in mind.

What we need is a few good people to help build this community socially as well as financially.

We have a few guiding ideals:

Live, Laugh and Love.

Life is about the Journey, not the Destination.

There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.

Anything good and real in life comes from honesty.

If you feel like you can relate to some of those ideals drop me a email and lets talk !

OR; Want to Build my Forever-Home with Friends
by LUXYBUG on APRIL 15, 2014 - 13 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

Neurodivergent (ASD likely) girl. I don’t know the proper buzz-words to effectively encapsulate myself as a being to fit in this little box.
I love music, and laughing. I love spending time with friends, and I love science. I do not fit well into the mainstream world; I want to go live on a self-sustainable green micro-community model… almost like a Kibbutz. I’m not anti-technology, I’m mostly just anti society-bullshit.

I’m looking for people to join up with; I’m willing to work smart and hard, though my preference is smart.

I’ve got a friend, and trying to put together a 5-man-band. He’s got a girlfriend who would be involved; but I am easily the most ready to pack up and move to where-ever to get this going. We’re cobbling together the planning necessary to get this going.

We’re a cerebral bunch, laid back and young in spirit. We want to do everything legal and above board with permits and what-have you to avoid legal complications in the future; again: this is our forever-home we’re trying to make.

We’ve got ideas to make small individual living spaces (5 to 7 rooms, each around 14 feet^2) out of composite material like cob or papercrete. We’ve got ideas for a circle-based ring system for the arrangement of things.

At some point soon, concept sketches of what we’re thinking of will go up.

Moving to Ontario Canada and looking for families to join off grid
by LOVELIVINGSIMPLE on APRIL 13, 2014 - 15 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

Hi, My wife and I along with our children are planning to move from the US to Ontario Canada to start our new lives off the grid. We are purchasing 160 acres of land with all rights with it. Small creek on property, and near lakes. We would love to offer this to other families that wish to live the same. We can come together to create a community that help one another to live as comfortable as possible as simple as possible. No bills, just family and living. Of course before we go we want to get the things that we feel are needed(wood cook stove, solar panels, saw mill, etc.) just to help with everyday life, so we are thinking about making the move within and year or so. Along with going through the process to be able to live in Canada as a resident. Now, what we came up with is to offer families 3 acres to own legally for $2,000 to build their home and start making memories. We weren’t sure about starting a community at first so everything is still rough around the edges. Please feel free and leave comments and suggestions. If you are interested leave an email address and I will contact you promptly.

return to innocence

IM : always wanted to live with creativity & with REAL sovereign freedom.I had enough of the cubicle corporate life.And if I keep surrounding myself with consumerist peeps I might be swallowed again with the status quo.

I’ve seen people who made it far on this off grid way of life & they made it with the most radical and minimal resources possible.And I feel ashamed and left out,for I know I can also make it happen.And the journey can be more fulfilling if I will be with some of YOU.

YOU: i believe you are my reflection.been searching already long enough..

i hope this post will get approval by the admin

Shown the ropes
by LOLAFITZ on APRIL 6, 2014 - 2 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

I want to meet people to learn how to build self sustainable devices and how to garden. It’s a long road to becoming off the grid and I’d really like to learn from someone instead of pursuing this from reading on the internet. I can’t learn from reading. I need someone to show me. I hope to one day live in a community, but I’m not going to be much help as of now sense I can’t offer anything useful. I’d like to become more useful in terms of building, sewing, growing food, etc. I am a woman in my mid twenties in a relationship. I’d like to meet other women or families to help me learn.

Opportunity Small Organic Farming DO IT NOW!

Looking for self motivated individual or couple who wants an opportunity to create their niche in the organic farming trade. I’m wiling to share with others who’s passion include conscious living using natural resources to live simply.
Property: 12 acres near Eugene, OR. pasture and gardens, fruit trees, 12volt living, sauna, open sky, nearby river. Internet access limited and cell phone coverage capable.

Me: Quiet, easy going Rasta man living close to the earth and gentle on earths resources. Contractor by trade and organic farmer by heart, working little by little to improve the land. I’m committed to sharing my knowledge and abilities together with others for earth awareness of organic living. I work passionately to live an off the grid lifestyle . This takes commitment , honesty and awareness of actions, all of which I choose and ask the same of others.

You: Desire to work organically to live and grow food for self and others, both independently with teamwork to help each other. Honesty of self purpose to live simply. Commitment to live a 12 volt lifestyle. Wanting to productively work the land toward your own creative endeavor. Looking for a the helping hand of experience and land.

I’m able to provide living space of a 12 x12 yurt with outdoor kitchenette, land for gardens and space for small farm animals, covered laundry facilities, expertise in living off the grid and a helping hand as able for $300 monthly. Work trade negotiable at times.
This can all be discussed in more detail with email and phone. Most importantly this is a great opportunity to build and create natural lifestyle of our ancesters.

Fresh start, time for a plan!

Hey guys,

Like most of you, I’m looking to move off grid, and hoping to do so as soon as possible. I’d like to find or join you on some land that is secluded, but near enough to a town for a part time job. As Much as I would like to go moneyless, there’s just too much over-head cost for me to give up my income entirely- at least for the time being.
So why don’t we join forces and make this happen?

A little about me: I’m 24, a mechanic in training, I won’t miss Wisconsin weather, but likely going to miss other things about it, if and when I leave. I’ve made some poor choices in the past, buying things I don’t need, being wasteful, learning what damage our technology has done to the world; I’d like to make a better choice this time.
I don’t agree that other people should be profiting more than myself for my hard labor, I’ve been earning so much, and spent nearly every dime of it on rubbish… That is, until recently.
I’ve only discovered Earthships within the last few months, and off the grid living, was a new concept to me just a couple years ago. The auto industry has given me nothing but headaches and stress that seems completely unneeded. (note: it’s a useful skill anywhere I go, not something I’ll forget anytime soon, but as cars become more and more electrical, fixing a car will be done with a computer and a software update, the small fortune I have in tools will be obsolete not so many years from now) Life could be so much simpler and an infinite times happier, and that is why I want to move off grid.

I’ve grown a large garden every summer, and have huge faith in the potential of aquaponics. I’ve had aquariums in my bedroom since I was little, and use the waste water for my plants. Ideal situation, I would like to build an aquaponic system off-grid, raising fish rather than farm animals.
I should also note that i am by no means a vegetarian, but I hate the thought of having to slaughter another mammal. I’ve been hunting before, hated almost every minute of it. Fish, I just don’t feel that connected and could manage to eat that which I raised.

If I could find a place near a natural water source, that would be fantastic. It’ll make everything easier, but with the way things are going, who knows how long any of our water supplies will last.

Anyways, that’s my spiel. I’m looking to join anyone who has already committed, or to join with anyone interested in starting out. I don’t have much saved for the project, and it will be about 1 year until my debts are paid off. But in the mean time, I would like to begin collecting supplies, getting a trailer ready for the big move, buying the solar kits, building materials, digging through Craigslist posts, all so that as soon as I am able, as soon as WE are able, we can go without looking back.

I’m looking to get my family living off the grid for the better
by WRECKERHATERS on MARCH 22, 2014 - 5 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

Hi everyone I am looking to move my family off the grid I am a 46 yrs young and my husband is 47 yrs young and we have a 9 yrs old little girl that we want to show her what life is really about that means getting back to our roots the world is going to hell in a hand basket and we want better for her, no more tv, video games, and all the other stuff out there everybody thats an adult know what I’m talking about. I have a Med. Degree and I also know how to cook and sew and I was born in the Carolina’s so I’ve done a lot of living off mother nature and so has my husband he can build a house from the ground up and know all about Irrg. and also knows about automotive also we have alot to give to a commuity we will work hard for the right commuity live and raise a child if you are interested in having us please contact us here and we will swap email addresses – my name is Tammy.

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