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Want to live off grid in Colorado
by I3ROWN3Y3DGIRL on SEPTEMBER 21, 2014 - 0 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

Looking to learn more about off grid living and possibly start an off grid living community.

make the break been off grid for 4 years and love every day

after spending 46 years in the uk i had a desparate need to break away from the power grid and have a natural space around me found a ruien of a barn in the middle of france after 3 years of hard work we have created our off grid home in stunning french countryside its a basic system useing used pannels ect but we love every minute
winters can be more difficult with reduced light but we just adapt our lives to what power is avalliable

Looking to go off the grid
by APOLLO on SEPTEMBER 17, 2014 - 0 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

I’ve been wanting to move off the grid for quite a few years. Wondering if there are any others on the island as well.

High Mountain Living Off Grid

Hi. I operate a small lumber and forestry ranch in Mora County, New Mexico (right near Coyote Creek State Park). The ranch is totally off-grid, with propane refrigerator and flash water heater. ONly a wood stove (jotel) heats the 1575 sq ft house. I built all buildings by hand. Main house, garage, power house (where batteries, inverter and electronics are housed), and a cool tree house on five trees about 12 feet off the ground (our meditation hut). We catch all water from the roofs and have a nice garden at 8500 feet elevation. Septic system is normal, with grey water catchment “powering” the toilets. Been here for more than ten years so the house is needing some minor maintaining now, but all works beautifully. It’s great living at high elevation…good for the body and mind, and the physical work is rewarding and healthy.

I want to be free and live with the world; not simply on it.
by STEVEN007X3 on SEPTEMBER 12, 2014 - 4 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

Where to start? I’m 24 years old and a full-time college student, right now. My philosophy has always been the golden rule and I try my best to uphold it. I’m an animal lover of all kinds; cat’s, dog’s, bird’s, even rat’s. I’m a fun loving person and would love to get away from society. I want to support myself and do my part for a small community. I know the basic’s on growing plants, but my expertise lie within electronics (solar power). If I could find a place to do my part and not have to worry about bills, I would relocate tomorrow. I want to help the world and I’m looking for more people who want the same. I want peace and to live with animals outdoors. I do not want to be controlled or have control; I want to simply live and share with my fellow neighbor.

Bosque Village:

Mission Statement:

Bosque Village is an experiment in developing a human culture which can live without destroying the earth. It is a permaculture farm and a growing intentional community.

Community Description:

The Bosque Village is located in a safe area in the highlands of Michoacan, Mexico near Patzcuaro. We are collecting independent and responsible people who lead a healthy active lifestyle to add to our growing group.
We are currently seeking new residents to be a part of our growing community! We are working towards a future where San Galileo is a small town.

Come visit and be part of our project!

The current options for living with us include:

1. Renting. We have cabañas and huts ready to rent for new residents. Ideally you are either retired or are able to telecommute. Our rental options are rustic but comfortable.

2. Developing your compatible business here.
You could use the Bosque space to do your yoga or meditation workshops. English teachers and Spanish teachers could offer their services. Leading retreats and providing guest services. Your could teach permaculture or ecobuilding courses. What vision do you have to create?

3. Buying land and building. We are designing shared buildings which will be fully independent. Units would be legally owned by individuals. Architectural and legal help needed. Most of the land is used for food forest farming. Our shared values include a commitment to staying off the grid with solar panels and rain collection.

4. Becoming a neighbor. There are properties and houses near the Bosque which are available for rent or purchase. This area is full of interesting people and is becoming a large community of environmentally-minded folks! Foreigners can legally own land in Mexico. (Except on the coast, but we are in the highlands.)

5. Long-term volunteering. Occasionally we have positions available for volunteers who can commit to one month or more. Optimal candidates have skills we need, have a self-motivated working attitude, and are driven to help the Bosque system succeed. Conversational Spanish is necessary. Send us a proposal, resume, and photo if you are interested.

The best way to get involved is to visit the Bosque as a long term guest to see how you like the area, the forest, and the people.
YouTube channel here:

I found my dream home, but not the financing
by JANELL on AUGUST 30, 2014 - 1 Comment in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

Living off the grid would be a dream come true. My goal is to have sustainable housing when I retire. I found the perfect property, but can’t find the financing. The owner will carry 50% too :(. Not to mention – I am off the grid on my credit I guess, because all I have is a car payment! Not good if you are looking for credit.

Interested in starting an intentional community in Alaska

Have you ever wanted to start over? Have you ever wanted to build something from scratch? Do you have immense knowledge of the wilderness and living off the land? Do you want to live-off the grid, but something is standing in your way?

We are looking for free-minded thinkers who have experience living off the grid, or are currently living in the Alaskan wilderness for a documentary. This is not a “game show” or a glossy Hollywood gimmick. This is NOT like survivor or other programs you have seen in the past. Looking for people who want to build a community NOT people who want to become famous.

We are seeking serious candidates who are eager to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in a real-world setting. We are looking to showcase this lifestyle by documenting the establishment of a new eco-village or intentional community on a remote Alaskan island property.

Specifically we are targeting strong leaders with the desire to build an intentional community on an Alaskan island. People with strong hunting and archery skills, survivalists, and experts in setting up renewable food & energy sources are all welcome.

The project is currently in its very early stages and so I am doing outreach to various sources with deep knowledge of self-sufficient living.

If you’re not personally interested but feel you have knowledge you would like to share with us as we move forward, please feel free to reach out.

My email is Please let me know a little about yourself, your background off-grid living/homesteading/wilderness & survival, what appeals to you about starting an intentional community and anything else you feel is important. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Thanks so much for your time.

Seeking like minded people to form spiritual eco tribal community
by ALICEVCARTER on AUGUST 16, 2014 - 5 Comments in I WANT TO GO OFF GRID

Myself and my friend David have met and are seeking a group of like minded people to move back to nature possibly in Italy or Spain and build a community based on the people, land and nature.

The main difficulty with living in today’s society is that for many of us it doesn’t feel natural on any level. Everything feels separate from us. Slowly an alternative culture has developed away from this but this in itself is fragmented by its own idealism and is rife with moralist/altruistic justifications for what ends up being very subjective, fear-based motivations for change.
There is however a growing number of people who are interested in moving towards a transition back to nature, for no other reason than that it feels “good” and it’s what they like. Transition culture is not something we can cherry-pick to our personal liking but is something that occurs through us, more like a free-fall into a way of being that “I” have no control over but yet feels deeply connecting and “right”. It isn’t something that can be manufactured but occurs when almost everything else has fallen away. This project originates from a dying away of the ideal of “individualism”, which is occurring through us all now.
The project expressed here is the beginning of a transition movement which has no leader or centre or ideology to be upheld, but is uncompromisingly focused in the observation and recognition of nature and natural processes as the followed direction. There is no “choice” invovled in this process, it simply that which instictively feels natural that is followed. This is not compartmentalized to any one aspect of life because that is not natural. As such for those involved “back-to-nature” it is the magnetic pull that is all-encompassing, involving the whole of human life from finding food and shelter to connecting to other humans, every nuance being left to nature’s way.
This page is a blog-like progression of events of how we have decided to find some land and create a natural-farming community and will illustrate how this community develops and changes. It is also an open invitation to those who would like to be within this at whatever stage, from here at its at pre-seed stage or at any point thereafter, as we follow this simple instinctive-intuitive response to our current lives.
Below are articles, books and materials which are essential in their entirety to illustrate the way we have been changed and opened-up to realize the true nature of ourselves behind the mask. I would suggest that you choose some of these to read in order to see whether you are really interested in what we are doing. Then, if you feel drawn to this, do contact me as I would very much like to hear your comments and would also be glad of your like-mind! Please contact me via this page.
Through something unknown we meet in kinship.

Please look at our website for details on blueprints, ideas and articles :)

Love Alice

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