Jesse Ventura, please get in touch


r-JESSE-VENTURA-LAWSUITFormer Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura, who has been toying with a White House run himself, has had a good Shutdown.

He has been all over the media convinced that Americans should not have to pay taxes during the federal government closure, now ended.

TV company Tinopolis has taken Jesse’s PR blitz as an opportunity to push a TV series where Jesse mentors folks who are going off the grid. Is it a case of Lies, Lies, and More Dirty Lies That the Government Tells Us? Any readers who have information, please get in touch with us at

Jesse, who used to live off the grid in Mexico, has now taken a jpb working for the world’s second richest man. Here is what he told an interviewer: “I live in Mexico right now and I have a new job. I’ll be working for the richest man in a world, Carlos Slim, because I can’t get a job here in the media.

But he’s giving me one in Mexico, so I will be broadcasting to the United States, off the grid, much like we broadcasted Radio Free Europe where you’ve got to be outside of the country to get the truth to the country.

We’re much like East Berlin today. I cross that border driving every year. The only thing missing are the tanks at the border. And I’m sure they’re on their way..”

Meanwhile Tinopolis division Asmith are claiming they are making a series where Jesse visits off-grid denizens, but no network has announced it. Tinopolis are said to have a poor record when it comes to their treatment of individuals who take part in their series. In our opinion: Tinopolis have low moral standards – wait until we have confirmed it all with Jesse himself.

The former wrestler has an impressive anti-government record.

“Here’s my big question. Since the government shut down, now let’s keep track of the number of days we shouldn’t have to pay taxes then, should we?” Jesse told has-been Larry King – now host of “Politicking with Larry King” on RT, formerly known as Russian Today, the Russian-based news channel – in a broadcast airing tomorrow, Thursday night.

“Good idea, Jesse,” the amenable Mr. King replies in the segment.

“If they shut the government down, we should lose our tax obligation because what are we paying for then?” Ventura declares. The former pro-wrestler also offers insight about his own presidential campaign.

“If I run, I will offer the people of the United States the first opportunity to elect a president who does not belong to a political party since George Washington. He is our only president who did not belong to a political party at all, and this will give the American people the opportunity to make history again,” Jesse adds.

“And we used to have multiple parties; we had the Whig, the Federalist,” Mr. King began.

“Why have any parties? They’re nothing but gangs. That’s all they are. I don’t belong to any of them. Elect a president that belongs to no political party. And I believe, Larry, that you could win off that alone,” Jesse said.


21 Responses to “Jesse Ventura, please get in touch”

  1. David Reed

    I believe in you jesse I would vote for you if you run for president our country is a joke and I want to help take it back and there are many more of us you will see.

  2. tami

    I see your doing a show on jfk. I have proof that he didn’t die in 1963 when he was shot. Military proof. He died in 1967 after being an invalid all those years. He was kept in Greece. I’d love to tell you about it.

  3. JT Sebastian

    Hey Jesse and readers,

    I’ve found some just released expolsive scientific evidence that supports the fact that a ‘Rogue’ sub collided with a warship a few years ago, killing 46 young sailors – the US Govt covered it up – then blamed another country for it.

    For those interested, pleave view the article here:

    Best, JT Sebastian

  4. c l

    Im trying to contact jesse whith a concern i really hope that he can help. If anyone knows how please get back with me.

  5. ron peters

    Jesse im an Englishman and im sure you could do better than what the past has done . I think your honest and that’s whats needed, give it a go

  6. Scott Harley

    Dear Jesse,
    I am Canadian so I could not vote for you but I think you would make one heck of a President and could make some massive changes to return government back to the people for the people.
    If you are ever in Central Alberta look me up I would love to shake the hand of an honest man like yourself. When you are President and need a security detail give me a few months notice to get in shape so I can help you out!

  7. Bay

    I think everything you stand for is right on. I’m actually very concerned with this country’s future and I think u are our only hope. So many people don’t even see what’s happening because they’re so used to living life like cattle, it’s a disaster in itself. We all need to take responsibility as citizens and get rid of these parties that elect for us…. You are the only person fighting so hard for this country and even if u didn’t have a dollar to put toward the election I think the hard work you’ve put toward helping us as a country is worth more than the democrat or Republican Party will put toward it. That’s what matters is that u really care that’s what we need.

  8. andreq

    Hello Mr. Ventura, I am writing to say don’t take any shit over this lawsuit BS. Real people understand the differences between soldiers now and then. And that story was rife with BS I could not even read it, another NY bestseller. “Bunch of slack jawed faggots..” if you’ll permit me. Keep up the good fight frogman your honor holds true with those who remember heroes.

  9. Gary Lyons

    hi Jesse ever thought of teaming up withTed Nugent president vice presidentI believe that’s the only hope we have

  10. Alonzo

    Thank you again Mr. Ventura I agreed 500% of what you are doing. so many questions that’s left remain un answered. illi, harp,underground city, and cleary if this stuff you talk about is un true why are they banning you. Mr ventura ive been doing my research a while what really made me get into this is. the very first job I had they taken taxes out of my check before I even get it. I was 15 years ago. brain control more artist in the music industry that’s controlling us why so many concerts you see has signs in them that are with higher elite. I could name some for example Rockefeller, roitchilds, just to name two. of course we all know more people wake up and the worst thing people can do is dismiss you for being crazy. but nothing crazy about it why is there miles of coffins that would hold four people depopulation
    of the world all for what? new world order. why are they planning on using mirco chips that will be implanted in us. keep track of our movements from what ive read they would be able to shut a person down with this if there a threat. lol why is there an underground city. personally I would love to speak out on it because I know this stuff is wrong so many try to speak out on them and someone how now are dead and mostly mysteries deaths. do anyone else think all this stuff is crazy or just don’t add up. Mr ventura I would love to be on your team off the gird I don’t have a problem speaking out please feel free to contact me. and trust me I have a whole lot more then this that I just shared.

  11. Kevin Brouer

    Dear.jesse I want you to know that I support you 100%. Keep up the good work.

  12. Jonathan

    I am trying to obtain Mr. Ventura’s actual mailing aggress for my Father who is over 85 and does not trust e-mail. So, if you could send me an actually address that give him that would be fantastic! My Dad is an X-USAF Officer who has an EXTREMELY DEEP & SINCER DEVOTION AND LOVE for God & The America He Once New. It would be so wonderful if there was a way possible if my Dad could receive a phone from Mr. Ventura. That would be such a “BIG! Bucket Deal”. I have been so very lucky to have had my Father in my life. He is truly a Good Man and a 100% TRUE Patriot to the CORE! My Dad’s Name is Colonel Odell F. Smith, Sr. and his number is 1-251-978-3822. I am Jonathan, his middle Son (Former U.S. Coast Guard) and my e-mail address is:

    I thank you in advance for what ever minor assistance that may be afforded in connection with seeing that this important message reaches Mr Ventura.
    Thank you

    PS: And I must also state that, any one who has ever known my Dad would agree with me in saying: if my Dad think’s it’s important for the survivle America, it is! He’s has no frivolous bone in his body!

  13. Scooter

    Honorable Ventura,
    My name is Scott, you called me Scooter. I was your Sound Engineer for your Rock band back in the 80’s I have some old photos,and board recording I’d love to send you copies.

  14. Susan Jest

    I hope this reaches you, I have a piece to the puzzle. Important please contact me.

  15. Nic

    Jessie I think I might have a interesting story for you.. At least you might be able to help.. I’m sure you’re busy. If you email me I’d like find a way to speak with you, I’d appreciate it and hope fully this reaches you..

  16. anthony welsch

    Hey jesse I had just a few questions on the concentration camps you have located and I am ver concerned for my fiance amd soon to be new born son! If at all possible will you please get in touch with me. This government has got me very confused as to what to believe but after watching your conspiracy theories show my mind has begun to wonder even more. I am a minnesotan and you were to my belief our best hope for this state/country. Your words would be greatly appreciated. Hope to hear from you very soon!

  17. arthur a nye

    hi jesse [ sawahdees ] a thai greeting i watched a radio interview between howard stern and yourself. during a portion of it mention was made about this futile search for a [ cancer cure ] please type in [ royal raymond rife ] dr rife cured not only all types of cancer but tuberculosis and every desease known at that time. he was able to destroy these pathogens by tuning in to their frequencies and using their freqs to destroy them with absolutely no damage to surrounding tissue all this was done at the scripps ranch in s. calif back in the early 30s’. the A.M.A. got wind of this they tried to buy dr rifes technology . when dr. rife refused, the A.M.A. used our gov to put dr rife and this cancer cure out of business i believe this a conspiracy u can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt

  18. Jason Stoltzfus

    Dear Mr. Ventura:

    I’m a government and economics teacher in Iowa. I utilize your material in my classes. I would first like to invite you to my class to give a presentation on your beliefs and values. I would also like to work a deal on getting your books for my students. Hope to here from you soon

  19. Dalton Dahmer

    If anyone can get me in touch with Jesse ventura my grandfather knew him back in the wrestling days my grandfathers name was George Dahmer aka cheif white owl. And he was done wrong and killed. Please I need Jesses help

  20. Rytis Abrutis

    I made a short video message addressing Jesse Ventura, I hope he listens better than the establishment:

  21. Joe Ayoub

    I am looking forward to Jesse becoming part of ORA TV. Jesse is the only person I believe will take on guests that the mainstream media will not touch with a 10′ pole. Larry King being one of them when he was with CNN. I would like to see Jesse interview Michael Horn of North America’s representative of Edward Albert Meier aka Billy Meier. Based on Jesse’s show Conspiracy Theory, I believe he would truly enjoy interviewing Michael Horn, who has been on Coast to Coast on numerous occasions.

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