Buying a generator
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Generators these days are silent, fuel- efficient and environment-friendly. To get the best value from a generator figure out whether its for stand-by — backup to normal utility power, or prime power — when you have no other source. Then choose between gas or diesel generators diesel is recommended, it’ll last longer and cost less money to operate. Here are the best deals online.


Bowers Power will advise you on which generator to choose for the power you need.

Briggs & Stratton BSQ1000 is portable generator is for boating or caravanning. With a 4.l diesel tank it can last for 7
and a half hours at half load and generates 750 watts.
295 from

Europower EPS1200 generator generates the same power, but it is super silent. That’s why it is a bit more expensive at 309

The Coleman Powermate Generator – 1850 Watt 3.5 HP is a good recreational generator. It’ll run lights and other small appliances. It lasts for 5 hours at half load and will generate 1500watt continuous power, 1850 surge power. $449 from

Onan Camp Power generators are bigger, ideal for caravans and camper vans. They generate from 2500watt to 4000watt power. Prices start at $1660 from Colorado Standby

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