Old fire rescue truck conversion into an RV
by WRETHAOFFGRID on JANUARY 3, 2014 - 2 Comments in mobile

Some guy bought an old fire rescue truck. What he turned it into is pure awesomeness.

This Reddit user’s dad did something with a hunk of junk that quite possibly made him the coolest person on the planet. He decided to buy an old fire rescue truck that was formerly used by German fire departments and tinker with it. However, he wasn’t interested in restoring the vehicle or keeping it as a collector’s item… instead, he did something much cooler with it.

The man who fixed up the rescue vehicle worked for Van Haandel Schadeherstel, a vehicle repair shop. Because of the off-roading mobile home’s success, they were able to expand the company and form Outbound4x4, an organization dedicated to providing the coolest excursion vehicles:

Through combining a shared passion for travel with motor vehicles, Outbound Expedition Vehicles came into being. Whether you decide to take in the wild and magnificent beauty of Scotland, travel across the Australian outback, pay a visit to the hot springs and geysers in Yellowstone National Park or admire the impressive glaciers, the beautiful nature and the many animals of Alaska, Outbound Expedition Vehicles is the right address for all these options.

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1 Senorcoconut { 01.08.14 at 3:30 pm }

Good work! I really like conversions that are off beat. I have an Iveco Minibus in Brighton to convert….that’ll be for March/april this year and than heading south to look for or start an off grid community!! Thanks for the inspiration

2 Joshua Couch { 02.02.14 at 10:13 am }


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