Off-grid, learning, looking for likeminded to share experience and knowledge.

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Hello, im an engineer, universal tech-guru and hunter, fisher, and down to earth kind of guy. Trying to avoid walking the same path as everybody else.

Guess i’ve always been a survivalist/prepper. But until recently i didn’t have a name for it. I was just brought up that way. I think it might be a northern thing we do up here.

Many of my friends describe me as the go-to guy for anything tech related. I’d like to say that im a professional problem solver. :-P

I bought and own my a house, that i’m now seeing to continue making it more self sufficient / off grid.[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

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  1. Johannes

    In the near future i also want to live off grid, i have an idea for power generation based on a wood chip gasifier (Google FEMA wood gasifier) or a wood pellet fired boiler to make steam.
    The pellets and/or chips allow automation of the process.
    With the use of a steam engine for electricitry generation, the remaining steam can be used in a heat exchanger to heat the house in winter time too. I want to use the steam engine in addition to solar and wind energy and close the green loop.
    My idea is to buy some land in Sweden en build somekind of earthship inspired house there.
    46 years old now, so i have some 20 years to do it before retirement, my wish is to do it earlier.

  2. Meshelle

    It sounds like it is amazing out there, I am a single mom who lives in the mountains of northern Ca, I have grown up living this way and also didn’t know there was a name for it until recently. I am now trying to teach my sons how to be self sufficient,we love it up here but now the citys are starting to take over and we are running out of room and the wild life is getting scarce. Sweden was an area I was interested in but have no idea what the cost is up there for land? Any info would be awesome and a huge help! Thank you

  3. simplesolutions

    bravo raffe from derek in manchester uk.
    me too an engineer (61yrs) just like you with radical thinking ways and always looking for the next angle to eliminate the big utility bills/giants.
    heavily into recycling and upcycling.
    feel free to contact me if you wish to share idea’s and problems needing solutions.
    regards derek.

  4. russ chase

    Hi you sound a bit like myself. Im getting set to go off grid in northern Canada. Are you in a forested area. Do you pictures of your place. Do you have moose and caribou in your area. How islolated is northern part of Sweden

  5. Red Water Acres

    Hi..I don’t know what you are exactly looking for but if it is sharing knowledge, you might want to try one of the Forums on Off-Grid. You can start your own thread…or just join in on one.

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