Hardworking 29yr old male, offering labor for knowledge/skills/experience
by MATTYPIZ on MARCH 3, 2013 - 6 Comments in post

Hello, My name is Matt I’m 29 years old and I live in Natick MA. I am a total novice when it comes to living off the grid. I am however a hard worker and I want to help anyone out there that will take a chance and maybe drop some knowledge on my sorry behind. I will work hard for you, in return I want to pick your brain when the task is done. I want to start learning important skills. Skills that may someday help me live a totally free life.

If you need man power, I am a healthy, strong guy who has worked manual labor jobs for many years. Please contact me, I’m eager to learn.



1 Red Water Acres { 03.03.13 at 4:08 pm }

Hi…this is Doug from Red Water Acres. We have a classified ad posted on of the grid and a Land Buddy Ad posted. Go ahead and read them and see if you are interested in joining us. Our email is redwateracres@yahoo.com

2 centralpafarm { 03.04.13 at 9:31 am }

Hey i am in central pa 55 miles north of harrisburg along the appalachian mountains. I could use some help. I have been doing this for 2 1/2 yrs by myself. email me at centralpafarm AT aol DOT com and see my farm site here = http://directory.ic.org/22661/Central_Pa_Mountain_farm___for_Hip_open_minded_people

3 Community Valley { 03.08.13 at 9:24 am }

Your welcome to come here and get some experience and become a member. If your interested just e-mail us.

4 Rick Psi { 04.08.13 at 2:23 pm }

Contact us. We like to teach and need the help. Work smart, not hard.

5 Belle { 11.30.13 at 12:38 am }

Hey My name is Belle a fellow Sorry Behind who is so new to this its ridiculous. Would love to chat with you as you learn and share anything I learn along the way as well. Drop me a line sometime if you’d like.

6 Neil { 08.16.14 at 9:43 am }

I am in west central New Hampshire and in the process of getting off grid. I have land, a couple small houses, gardens, chickens, and way too much work for two people (I have one other person with me). Our goal is to be as self-sufficient as possible. If you want to know more get back to me.

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