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13 Responses to “WANT GO OFF GRID”

  1. Cerena Hamilton

    Hello! My family and I are interested in moving to the bush… The most ideal situation would to be part of a group of 10-30 people strong. Western Canada is where were from and where we will stay. We have everything we need here to survive, so lets make this happen!
    Ive been so inspired by everyones stories of living off the grid. No more jumping from career to career trying to keep up with the trends of the work force. Paying thousands of dollars in student loans for schooling just to end up landscaping and serving in the local pub?? We shoud band together, and put our natural talents towards more important things! Surviving is ALL we seem to be doing right now, and I wanna LIVE!
    Email me :) [email protected]

  2. Linda

    There are some great people involved in a non-profit in east Texas, biotechturetraining.com. Check out what they are doing, contact them, get involved, etc. Click on the Training tab on their website to see all the things they’re teaching. There are also internship opportunities. I was originally looking into earthship design, when I found Mark Kirkwood on the web. Now I am planning to build my off-grid home next spring; just bought my land last month!

  3. abbiegrrl

    Richard, my husband and I are interested in doing what you and your wife are; self-sufficiency is not going to be a “luxury” much longer, it’s becoming more of a necessity all the time. Pls send me a note if you are still looking for more to join you, at Justagrrl (at) live (dot) com.

  4. mindy

    how do you all get stated in this and how much money did you

  5. Bill Elliott

    Interested in learning more bout your wood gasifer.
    Live on a remote Island in Northern Canada

  6. Nick Austin

    Hey, my names Nick, im a 20 year old guy whose been shuffled from home to home his whole life. Ive lived in all kinds of areas from rural to NYC where I live now. I’m living paycheck to paycheck and feel like I’m about to be laid off. I was homeless for 6 months and know how it works…..i suppose i cant prove my intelligence or survivability through a comment, but it is my dream to move off the grid with a group of people and am prepared (I spend my life studying science,survival, and self-sustainability) and willing to do so if i could just find people to do it with….if you’re interested, email me at [email protected]

  7. Sage

    Richard, please email me at muempire(at)live(dot)com.

  8. Supt247/Mike


    How can I reach you?

  9. Doyle Stewart

    may I speak to you about a mutual interest in living off grid? I am working in Afghanistan as a contractor but I can call you or send emails. God bless you with success
    on your land.

    Doyle Stewart

  10. Richard

    My wife and I live on 200 acres of wilderness land just on the outskirts of 300000 acres of the Adirondack forest in upstate NY. We have been here for over 30 years. We strive to be self sufficient. We put up most of our own food. Winter here can be cold and long but it is a great time to do crafts, soap and candle making sitting in front of a warm cozy wood stove. We make maple syrup in the spring. Gardening in the summer, and a lot of canning in the fall. We have chickens and ducks goats cow and 3 horses. Our water comes from a drilled well that is powered by 12 volt solar panel. There is a lot of work to this type of life it is not easy at times, but always satisfying. I am currently working on a wood gasifer that turns wood into electricity it is working great, generating our own elect has always been a dream of mine and now it is working. I have internet by satellite powered by a battery bank. Refrigeration by propane and cold weather during winter.

    This type of life is not for everyone. Strong commitment to self reliance is a must.

    Though sometimes a challenge, the many benefits of living off grid make it all worthwhile. It is liberating to know that you can fend for yourself in daily life as well as during emergencies. How can I describe the feeling of running your house off of energy sources like solar, and wood? How could I explain the effect being out of the city and suburbs has on your sense of well-being? How many of us would enjoy more fresh produce grown on our own property? And how safe we would feel knowing that we were prepared for emergencies and had the means to live a self-sufficient life?

    This isn’t about owning property that happens to not be connected to the big power company’s grid. It is about living closer to the land; Being responsible for the culture, values and environment we leave behind to our children; knowing that life was meant to be enjoyed, rather than working in a tiny cubicle to earn enough to accumulate stuff we didn’t need in the first place.

    Well, that’s what it’s about for me at least. You too can make this happen. Email me.

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