Uruguay or Argentina, are you coming?
by DAN on MAY 30, 2012 - 2 Comments in post

I am a 33 yr old & my fiancee is a 25. We recently decided to relocate to Argentina or Uruguay after researching the most cost effective locations in South America. We both have farming and gardening experience and looking to move within the year. If you would like helping us find a homestead and collaborate with us I would be happy to make arrangements with you. Please contact Dan to discuss poker32124@yahoo.com



1 Tom Phelan { 05.31.12 at 8:12 am }

May 30, 2012


My wife and I have lived full time in Argentina for four years and we love it but we have built a business for ourselves that provides income, a 108-acre vineyard project. We have traveled to Uruguay on numerous occasions and have American friends who own property in Uruguay.

I have learned it best to be candid and blunt, before you move to one or the other countries based on false impressions from some glossy brochure or glib Email sales Letter that says you can live in Argentine or Uruguay for a few hundred a month, stay at least 30 days in each country. And don’t base 30-days of backpacking across Uruguay or Argentine and staying at Hostels representative of what it will be like here on a permanent basis.

The average Argentine worker earns about US$650 – 750 a month. A decent rental will be with utilities US$500 – 750 a month unless you are in the boon docks. If you are in a city a car isn’t necessary, if you are in the boon docks a car may be a necessity. And if you don’t speak Spanish your job opportunities are greatly diminished.

You mention “homestead” and it make me wonder if you are on a limited budget that is okay but severely restrictive.

Personally I don’t believe Uruguay or Argentina are countries to build your nest without some capital and or income. Obviously at age 33 you are not on social security so money in your pocket and income from the US would be extremely helpful.

Good luck.

2 cherishlife { 06.20.12 at 1:54 pm }

I would suggest that you read up on FerFAL’s survivalist site first. He just escaped from Argentina in the last few months. http://ferfal.blogspot.com/

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