People for Community in Scotland

We are seeking others of like-mind to create an off-the-grid spiritual community in the Scottish Highlands. We don’t at the moment have any land in mind, although we are seeking a certain type of land and in a certain area.

We don’t want to exclude people purely on the basis of how much money they do, or don’t have, but realistically this won’t be possible, so at this early stage we think that each member would have to contribute approx. £5,000. This fee will be for helping to purchase the cost of the land and all associated fees etc.

The community will be a purely spiritual (not religious) and vegetarian in nature. The long term vision for the community will be for a place of healing, safety and learning.

We envision that we would have a population of about 50 or more people, consisting of men, women and children of various ages and ethnic origins etc.

If you are interested, or you know someone who maybe, then please drop me an email at: or visit my blog:


1 Tyler { 09.07.12 at 1:02 pm }

Well let me know how living in the highlands without eating meat works for you.

2 Wilson { 09.12.12 at 6:51 am }

I don’t have £5k but I have knowledge, I am interested in meeting people who want to go off the grid. I already have thoughts about how I will do this in a money free way as i’m sure others do.

3 Joe blackledge { 03.26.13 at 8:53 pm }

I would be willing to front the 5k it’s a small price to pay for a shot at actually living life for yourself instead if for someone else. I have long felt the need to free myself of the stresses of modern society that we have been indoctrinated into believing in. What really matters is feeling fulfilled and enjoying life to the full, not working 50 hours a week to pay tax to a government I hate and and feed evil corporations with what money I have left. I live in the northwest of England and could get the money together pretty quick if this was going somewhere. Please get back to me if this is serious. Cheers.

4 Joe blackledge { 03.26.13 at 9:01 pm }

I have knowledge and experience in cooking and growing vegetables and hunting with is something I think you should reconsider vegetables should be our core diet but is is unnatural to only eat veg and is just another form of limiting our freedom of choice. We shouldn’t however take in excess or eat threatened animals things like deer however with are culled in Scotland anyway and the keeping of chickens for eggs isn’t harmful. Lions hunt wildebeest humans have always eaten meat it’s natural. What is harmful is relying on meat or over using it. That’s not to say someone can’t be a vegetarian but I think this society should have as few boundaries as possible otherwise we risk continuing the way of life we seek to remove ourselves from.

5 Wessel { 04.05.13 at 6:47 am }

This idea sounds fantastic to me and I’d love to be involved. Is there any way I could get some more information on progress?
My email is



6 Big Ben { 05.15.13 at 11:58 am }

This idea sounds fantastic to me and I’d love to be involved. Is there any way I could get some more information on progress?

7 Bridgette { 11.08.13 at 3:51 pm }

I seem to be late in finding this but I am very interested to know more.

8 Steph { 01.30.14 at 10:39 am }

I love this and have much to offer!! Looking for a healthy life off the grid for myself and my daughter.
Give me a shout would love to meet others the same
Moray Scotland

9 wullie { 01.31.14 at 5:58 pm }

would like to know some more please
thank you

10 carolyn f { 02.06.14 at 7:49 am }

i would love to do this but i don’t have the £5k. if there was a way of getting a bit of unused land that will never get developed it would do it. at the moment i live in glasgow and starting to get fed up of the modern life

11 mojca { 02.19.14 at 5:30 pm }

I would love to join but 5k well thats a hurdle.I have always lived very rural so have all the skills needed to grow food,medicinal herbs,kitchen herbs.I hope to try raise it by the time it comes,defenitly wish to be part of it .
love and respect

12 Graham { 03.09.14 at 2:40 pm }

Hello people

There are lots of people with skills to offer I myself am a carpenter but unfortunately land in the UK is not cheap if you want in someone has to provide the money and most off griders dont have it. Tiny houses are a good off grid living arrangement and the can be parked in a car park this may be the only way.

13 Jahmez { 05.14.14 at 5:22 pm }

Very Interested but it appears no one is here anymore … don’t see any answers/responses …..

14 Glen { 05.19.14 at 4:23 am }

I’d be interested, however all I have is knowledge, Painting Skills and computing…however I’m not a lazy person I was brought up in Rhodesia…we don’t waste things and we make do with what we have and improvise and work hard….. I have 2 dependants. Let me know if you ever get this community off the ground as I would like to contribute…

15 Manny Cobra { 08.12.14 at 3:25 pm }

I already (nearly) live off the grid not 40 miles from Glasgow here on the Isle of Bute. I generate my own electricity, grow my own veg, keep chooks & trap rabbit (best lean meat you can eat). I cook & heat on a wood burning stove which also constant hot water & central heating.Own well on my small bit of land. Fish all year round. Only drawback is the dreaded council tax which I am working on how not to pay it legally. Its doable but you need money to start with mostly.

16 david { 09.17.14 at 11:11 pm }

Hello my name is David from Glasgow is this up and running now ?

17 gary { 11.02.14 at 12:26 pm }

I love the sound of this, can you send me more info please.

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