No to daily convenience addictions / same-minded people


[before_listing images= youtube=null] I am looking to go off the grid in Eastern Canada within the next year. I will be saying NO to all the things we are used to in daily life, instead gladly embracing the opportunity to grow my own food, care for my own heating/water and abode, and become as self sufficient as possible. More to come ….[landbuddy_listing youtube=null]

4 Responses to “No to daily convenience addictions / same-minded people”

  1. Mitch

    Count me in . I am looking to buy land now in New Brunswick, And want to go off the grid. I am in my 40ies and can make this happen:)

  2. Cal

    Looking for the same… I have a lot of “know how”. Thinking of doing this in the beginning of next year or sooner. Currently in NJ, USA.

  3. David Brainerd

    Whereabouts in Eastern Canada? I live OTG in Maine, not terribly far from the NB border. Maybe we’ll be neighbors. (Not exactly, but , at least in almost the same bioregion.)

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