looking for land n like-minded country folks
by MIKE-N-TAMMY on MAY 11, 2013 - 1 Comment in post

hi,currently we live in elnira,ny. we r looking for land within bout an hour n half from sayre,pa. hoping for 3 acres or more,must have fresh water. prefer near gamelands away from those natural gas wells.mostly open but with some trees or woods. doesnt have to b much ,just a start with septic n well.
if someone has the homestead but aren’t currently raising much let me know. b glad to help fire your place up. also we r nterested in meeting like-minded ppl to get to know,toss ideas with,etc. if we had enuf for a small community that would work nicely. more ppl means more land ,ideas,help with chores,etc. if shtf than we would b safer as well.
i’d really like to get some gardens planted this spring n start raising a cpl pigs,chickens,etc also.as well as get a winter supply of wood stacked.
lots of ppl here seem to b farther away or havent got a place to start yet. if there was enuf of us working together we could afford a better place for sure. i am very skilled in mibile homes but we could build cabins as well. lerts talk ideas.


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1 AlexRainflake { 05.23.13 at 4:01 pm }

hey there, I’ve been wanting to do this kind of thing for a while now, but we need someone to start something or to be able to get together and plan things out, like you said if we put our cash together we can get bigger and better land, right now I’m biking across Canada looking for like minded people just in gravenhurst now, let me know if you have any ideas at night_shredder@hotmail.com

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