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by COMTNGL on JUNE 17, 2013 - 1 Comment in post

Myself, my husband and our 4 yr old daughter are on a spiritual search to find a long term opportunity to commit our lives to living and working in a sustainable community with other children. We are researching many, many communities on and off-grid at the moment and narrowing down the life we truly want to live. We all have experience living and working in intentional communities for the last 2 years, traveling from coast to coast learning many skills that we can bring to the table to help. We are extremely hard working individuals and we admire working with others who enjoying working hard as well.

A couple of skills that we can offer you are as follows:

Consensus Decision Making
Conflict Resolution
Taking care of Chickens and other animal husbandry
General Maintenance
Water pump and gravity fed water systems
Cooking for an average of 14 incorporating different options for vegans, vegetarians, raw food diets and more (All with LOVE of course:)
Gardening (Herbs, vegetables and flower beds) (Companion planting and have researched many other types of gardening)
Food Preservation (Canning, Dehydrating, Apple processing and pressing)
Handyman work
Extreme cleaning (no joke – I like to be organized – a dirty floor is a hard days work; so it is to be expected :))
Child Care
Extensive computer experience including Graphic Design work (logos, business cards, flyers, etc.)
Marketing and Networking
Extensive spa and pool maintenance
Goat Milking
Some experience with construction – but, most is self-explanatory
and so much more to help and willing to learn more and more

We are interested in any living situation that includes a roof or we can use our tent for the summer at least.

We are mature, love hanging out, playing music, bonfires, drum circles, community gatherings with locals, playing cards and making our home a beauty in itself :)

We must be able to be paid at least $600/month combined or less if toiletries, auto insurance, etc are paid or not needed or be able to work off the property 1 or 2 days a week. We are not materialistic in anyway and will have whatever fits in our car when we arrive.

We are more than happy and willing to answer any and all questions you may have for us.

Namaste, Love & Light



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1 jhetcel23 { 08.02.13 at 10:29 pm }

Hello my name is Jake Hetcel, I live nearby. Please email me at

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