Community based on location and skills


[before_listing id=212 images= youtube=null] Would like to meet/talk with others in MN who are or are going off grid. Formulate community based on skills/needs.[landbuddy_listing id=212 youtube=null]


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  1. unique

    looking to live off grid I am sick of the way the society is I am a vegan know a little about herbs no kids well 30 years old and much more hope to hear from some one soon

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    hello i am trying to reach lisa507 that has posted here. i am in minnesota as well and would love to speak with you please email me at thank you.

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    gwen caudwell can you email me please, about the banana belt

  4. Jonathan

    Looking to go off grid as well.. Not so much for “mother earth” or to get away from “the rat race” but primarily to have a safe haven from Gov. oppression and the civil discourse i feel is soon on its way. I live in a Mpls. suburb and like most, have a very limited income. Looking for like minded people to possibly form a land co-op. Please reply if interested.

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    Would like to live off the grid soon in Mn (preferably). college degree and knowledgeable in natural healing, remedies, herbs. Looking for a group that is clean, gets things done and is constantly improving their living.

  6. cal

    going off grid 1/2 by design , speeded up by current financial milleu.
    Been off grid since oct 2011.
    contact if interested in learning about.. some neighbors are offgrid.
    quiet lives doing what they want .
    talk is cheap. doing it takes effort , and making a decision.
    voluntary simplicity is easier than forced depravation from earlier mind set.
    evolve.. best served cold and without bright lights.

  7. Seth

    I’m a 20YO ND resident. I hate our materialistic, work-to-consume society. I’d rather find a simple, enjoyable life where my efforts matter.. and really, milk doesn’t come from the supermarket. If there’s other people who are interested in living off-the-grid near ND/MN, let’s get a community organized. Escape the unnecessary!

  8. Pam

    Looking at going off grid on land in Carlton County MN, looking for like minded people…please send me an email!

  9. Gwen Caldwell

    I am very interested in off grid living, more sustainable life style in a community setting. I am a 54 year old single mom (w/1 child still home age 11) , professional, creative, motivated and goal oreinted. I am a worker…not a sitter. Have interests in organic gardening, small animal husbandry and peaceful, meaningful lifestyle. Looking for other like minded folks…but perfer the banana belt of the north SD

  10. Ridley Kraid

    (need i say more)

  11. Justin

    Was doing some research for off the grid living and I have become very interested in this.
    I have property on the North Dakota/MN border on lake traverse the trailor is located on the lake and the back area is woodland (not owned by us) however it does give refuge for deer, turkey and other wild game. I am a ex us army sgt and have a good deal of survival training as well as weapon and combative knowledge, as well as being a combat life saver and other basic medical knowledge. I work currently as a Web Developer/ on hand computer tech repair. I am an outdoors type person when I get to be and find myself happier when I get the opportunity. I would definitely be interested in hearing your knowledge on this topic and how someone with my skills can be found useful in this type of living.

  12. Brent

    MN would be a tough go come October, although I am sure it can be done.
    Born and raised in Roseau, MN. Although no longer there, I am very interested in OTG living.
    Drop me an email, we can swap ideas if you like.

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