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[before_listing images= youtube=null] No joke, no scam, just us helping each other..

I have many acres of land throughout TX, TN, CO, & AK. I am looking to give away a couple of acres on each to person(s) who have resources to offer. Whether you have work ability, monetary resources, sheds, solar equipment, well drilling experience, or ANYTHING that can help your community on the land – lets do it. All of my land is RAW and has no utilities – there are utilities available but I will not be hooking them up. The choice is yours.

Lets discuss what we can do and I will in exchange have a contract drawn up that donates your acres of land to you in exchange for whatever we agree.

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  1. Ruben

    We cant do this thing anymore. We have to be free. We can build it, fix it, heal it or die trying. Let’s make the world new. Please be for real.

  2. Joe

    Whats up Joseph, Im 27 years old, was in the military for 5 years, I run a small landscape business, and now im looking to be a part of/ help build a self sufficient off grid community. I have contruction knowledge as well in the field of rock/masonary work. One of the biggest aspects I can bring to the community is Aquaponics. I would really like to talk more with you about your ideas and the contracts you will writing up. Thanks bro

  3. Keith Boothroyd

    Hey Joseph, I’m a 40+ male, I have a lot of maintenance and construction knowledge. I also have a great idea for a free energy generator. I’m very interested in your off grid property, this is something I’ve been checking out for the past couple of years. So are you still looking for people to share this experience with?

  4. mandy kempen

    y name is mandy kempen. I live in Tennessee, and i an a massage therapist soon to be inroled in school again. My dream is to live semi/off grid.I already hve my plans drawn up for my dream cob or /adobi house and massage studio depending on the soil on my land. I will grow my own herbs and make my own oils. I will sustain myself. But i think yhe biggest oppurnity of the whole thing is that i will be able to teach my childern how to live with out the so called “needs” of the social life.

  5. kenworthy1984

    Family of five well versed in survival we lived rural until 2 years ago moved to the city live in a apt. Now. I have grown, hunted, and gathered my own food most my life. We need nothing but a piece of land to develop into a self sufficient green farm. Hope this is real

  6. Rachel, Joe, and Lukyan

    Hey Joseph, we are interested in your offer. For the past two years we have volunteered/worked at an organic farm here and have helped install solar panels/generators. We have also helped with the gardening and running a blueberry u-pick for them. We are willing to learn, and have attended workshops on how to build with cobb. We are looking for somewhere we can unschool our child and be left in peace unless we want company. Please e mail us as soon as you can, as we want to leave our current living situation. Namaste!

  7. Ken

    By chance I ran across this site. The family and I anticipate relocating to CO. Looking for at least 10-20 Acres. Sick of going to work to put gas in the truck to go to work. I hate Chicago & the lovely mid west anyway.
    Decided to work for myself really soon.
    We bring a lot to the table. I’m a Journeyman Electrician (industrial maintenance) (for a national railroad, ya might have heard of them). Master with voltages up to 480AC and from 12VDC up to 75 VDC applications, charging systems, up to 300kw generator systems, control systems, pumps, refrigeration, etc. Some knowledge of solar applications. Journeyman Mechanic (industrial maintenance). Jack of all trades, master of many. Arc/ MIG welding, Cutting torch, master carpenter. Have all of my own tools.
    Associates degree, Dean’s List. Former Army(2nd ID/ 101st Airborne, Combat Veteran) Power generator mechanic, know my way around a weapon, combat 1st Aid, basic coms, etc.
    Family oriented, laid back, few words, hard worker, smart worker.
    Sociologically; color, ethnic background, or religion, etc doesn’t apply to me, I’ve been all around the world with some great people. Just be good hearted people. High IQ, can fix, design or fabricate nearly anything. Very adept outdoors-man and in near top athletic shape. My Wife can sew, can fruits & veggies, garden, bake, Mother of two, people person, great negotiation skills, swim instructor, Red Cross Certified Life Guard and college educated. We have an invite from a neighbor on the inside of the horseshoe of that mountain range, but waiting on details.
    Let me know. [email protected]

  8. Sharon Tobe

    Hi Joseph, I would be interested in talking with you about community. You can email me and we can make arrangements to talk. Thank you, Sharon

  9. Jordan

    Names Jordan, I know my purpose in life and it isnt living in a busy city working for a big shot all my life and having nothing to show for it. Im a professional carpenter with tons of tools. I have and can build and repair any house. Framing to finish, as well as roofing,siding,decks,kitchens,baths etc. Im a survivalist and want nothing more than a honesteading camp to call my own. Am familiar with tending tl chicken,pigs, rode horses before, very good gardener.My dog winston is well trained and eager to be in the wild again . If this is real, im very well rounded and can be a definite asset. Thanks.

  10. Zackery

    hello joseph,
    Is the offer still available? Im have experiance in land survey, ranching, farming, construction, landscape, cooking, caring for elderly (certified), Some mechanical work. Im a very useful laborer, i live on the washington coast, ive just gone through divorce, am searching for off the grid lifestyle to find my inner person. please write me back if I am of interest. Zackery

  11. Logan Flores

    Hello, our names are Logan and Rachel. We have been in search for a community with this intention for over a year now. We have spent a lot of time on developing contacts but have had no avail. We are gardeners inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka and seek to develop an example of a path back to nature. We have studied the wilderness, kung fu, no-till farming, bio-dynamics, earthen shelters, and other methods of sustainability. You can contact us at [email protected]

  12. Island boy

    Contact me immediately. This sounds great!!! 33yr old Former Chef and Marine ready to go somewhere!!

  13. Kelly Ann Hammond

    My husband ,13yr old daughter and myself are very interested.. he is a journeyman carpenter for 20 years. We want to live off the grid and live off the land. Our dream is Alaska..

  14. robbie

    Do you have any opportunities in Tennessee at this time?

  15. Joe

    Hello, Jospeh
    WOW!! I would love to have a piece of land in CO or TX so that my small family and I can be off the grid. I am a architectural project manager, I am a “mcguiver” handy-man, laborer, I love to garden, work with my hands, etc. We would love to work together with you and all the communities you are “fathering”. Thank you and God bless you.

  16. Jaclyn Soileau

    Joseph80: I am currently trying to find some land to live off grid. I am a born and raised self sufficient southern woman. I have tilled soil from rock and root, and I have 6 years experience in rough terrain survival from my time in the US Navy. I can make a potable water system, a seeping well for waste water, I can farm crops, and build sustainable solid homes from recycled materials. Please contact me, as I would love to talk to you about building a sustainable homestead site here in TN.

  17. Amanda

    Hi Joseph!
    I’m a female in my mid twenties, drowning in New York City. I hold a degree in sculpture and have had vast experience in building- I helped construct cabins at a summer camp in the Adirondacks and recently built a small sailboat. I am familiar with farming and the basics of homesteading. In April, I am attending a course in cob building and have designs for a low-impact home that I hope to one day build for myself! I am interested in learning more about the community you aim to create… Contact me anytime to tell me more!! I look forward to hearing from you.

  18. Steve

    Multi tasker; Gardening, wood working, cooking.

  19. Steve

    Hi Joseph
    Am interested. Still in operation?

  20. jim

    farmer,security ,concrete ,,and hunting,firewood ect.

  21. Levi

    Hey my name is Levi, I’m extremely interested in your proposal. I’ve grown up in and out of foster home since I was 18 months old moving from house to house, school to school, city to city. I barley graduated high school, so I have my diploma. I’ve always been to myself, sorta like an out cast wherever I have been, being a ‘loner’. I’m now 20 years young(21 on oct 29th) and I’ve been homeless since I was 18 with no luck finding a job. So again, if your offer still stands, I am more than willing to hike from here(Seattle) to where you need me especially if you are offering land in return of my assistance/help/able body. Let me know, best way to get ahold of me, because I have to got to a library, is my email [email protected]

  22. Joshua

    I am able to labor, build, farm, and teach. I have a multitude of skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to maintain this lifestyle indefinitely. I’m a 26 y/o male, Ex Army. Am fully capable to live on my own, support and train myself, my dog(aussie half breed), and others (continuously of course). However, Community has a very big place in my heart and i need all that it brings in my life. I wont bring much(only what i can pack-in), i’ve always had to pack small anyhow. Shoot me an e-mail and we can find out if i would be suitable to your liking.

  23. John

    Interesting post. If you are sincerely offering this attractive proposal, we are interested in discussing it with you. We have engineering, IT and construction experience. As someone said above, I can build anything including a house. Primary location we are interested in is in TN.

  24. Cornfed

    30 days later and yet to hear back from this poster…

  25. Wayne Firestone

    I just found your offer, very generous. I would like to know more about your end goals in regards to this offer. Me and and my wife have extensive skills. I have been a Contractor for 35 years, 4th generation in the building industry. I have extensive experience in all phases of construction, farming livestock & food. I can build anything. I can fix most anything. I have NOT met a challenge I could overcome. Please contact me about Tenn.
    Wayne & Svetlana

  26. Cornfed

    Its funny how ya never hear back from most of these people.

  27. Elizabeth

    RV Family of three; Two hardworking adults in great health willing to do the work necessary for an off-grid community in TN. Husband has worked on cars and light construction, raised fruit trees, I’ve done vegetable gardening,and raised rabbits. I currently serve as a police officer, both of us are outdoor loving individuals looking for land and or a community to start off-griding and away from capitalism.

  28. Joseph Gary

    Johnsmall – you could be our English teacher! Great grammar!

  29. Johnsmall

    I love good lieds in my life

  30. Brian

    Very interested ….please email.

  31. Olivier

    Hi Joseph. I am not sure to understand you but I feel like your are a respectful and kind person. I live in the Yukon right next to Alaska. I emigrated from France 5 years ago because I couldn’t take on the overcrowded immoral population of western Europe. I found peace in the land of Jack London. It is not the best conditions for growing food or solar energy but the vast land has plenty enough to offer. I am not looking for anything particular as I can take care of myself and my family but like you would be willing to help. I soon will be a journeyman Electrician but living in the north teaches you many trades as you are pretty much on your own most of the time. Where about is your land in Alaska and what are you plan for it. Take care

  32. surreal

    Forgot gardening and research. Also, have built a California King bed frame and nightstand from scratch.

  33. Jamie

    Hi Joseph,

    What a generous proposal! My partner and I are looking for land in Texas. We’d love to discuss further.



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