Eco Village Mexico. 2hrs from Puerto Vallarta


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We are in mid-phase now forming an eco-village in Mexico. We are located about 40kms inland surrounded by beautiful mountains about 2 hours south of Puerto Vallarta in jalisco, Mexico. The land is 300 hectares (approx 700 acres) located on a river that feeds a beautiful lake Cajon de PeƱas.

We currently (as of April, 2013) have 3 families building homes and one that already lives here). We are completely off-grid. The goal is to continue to push toward a 100% self-sustainable lifestyle. We are continuously planting fruit trees and medicinal plants every day. There are hundreds of fruit trees already baring fruit, including (mango, papaya, lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit, yaca, banana, etc.). Our water comes from natural mountain springs behind us on the mountain.

We are looking forward to gathering like-minds to form our eco village community![landbuddy_listing images= youtube=PpxNeV0MMcM]

6 Responses to “Eco Village Mexico. 2hrs from Puerto Vallarta”

  1. Cheerwin

    I al really interested in learning your ways, I am located about 3 hours away of puerto Vallarta,

  2. Mick Macombe


    Sounds great.Just completed my Perma culture Design Cert training and was looking around for somewhere to apply all this wonderful knowledge. I achieved my natural building training in Canada a couple of years ago and so would be bringing those skills also.

    I was preparing to explore Thailand and the possibilities of eco-living however there seems to be some problems in that country at the moment.

    Maybe its a sign?

    Best of luck with your new eco village

  3. Caytlin

    I am very interested in hearing more about this!? can you please email me.

  4. jelle

    hi im from the netherland were i live but am not enjoying life for as long as i know im 25 with a different mindset en different goals then most people that i know more in touch with nature spirit en knowledge instead of society the tv en knowing as much people as i can that dont know anything at all.. thats just not me but i will keep it short because of my way of doing things i dont really got money to start with is there a possibility to go in a off-grid community for people like me or do u got more info about your community how u work en do things if so i would appreciate it for now have a good day

  5. John

    I have been thinking about going off grid for three years. I am ready to get on the road in a few months. Do I need to make any special arrangements for a visit. It sounds like the perfect place for me to call home.

  6. Infamous Life

    I’ve had many experience as an carpenter’s apprentice and manufacturing wood furniture. Even till this day I’m planting in my garden. Sometimes I want to just get up and go, however I haven’t found the courage nor like minded people to encourage me to do so. I guess I’m in a bind, but my purpose in typing this would be a cry out to those whom feel as I feel. Maybe this community is what I need in exposure to what I’m looking for. My email is

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