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Its not easy going off the grid – and that is an understatement – you need money, skills friends, lawyers, plumbers. Unless you are a Marine, ex-SAS or a Navy SEAL its best not to attempt this alone. On Landbuddy you can find and team up with others in your area, or the area you are interested in – people who are also looking, whose skills match your own – they may have money, or land, or some other part of the jigsaw, that will make sure you have a long and happy off-grid life.

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Nick-Rosen Director..

For sale – the editor’s off-grid hideaway in Majorca

Cost: $300,000
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Off-Grid making millions for some

The hottest shows on cable TV these days are about people who have no TV. As the TV industry wakes up to this, expect plenty more shows about off-grid living. Take Discovery Channel’s Alaskan Bush People, in which a character … Continued

Homesteading with a family

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Artist and carpenter Julienne Dolphin Wilding has recently sold her flat in Kings Cross and bought land in Crete. She shipped out all her possessions in a 20 foot container – including all her tools,  her bed, a small caravan … Continued

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Must have fire

Here is another Bobbage project, we have a semi-enclosed deck space between the bedroom and the laundry room or whatever that room is this week :) We are able to use that space for much of the year, it’s cool … Continued

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