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Its not easy going off the grid – and that is an understatement – you need money, skills friends, lawyers, plumbers. Unless you are a Marine, ex-SAS or a Navy SEAL its best not to attempt this alone. On Landbuddy you can find and team up with others in your area, or the area you are interested in – people who are also looking, whose skills match your own – they may have money, or land, or some other part of the jigsaw, that will make sure you have a long and happy off-grid life.

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Private Land: Where Camping Meets Conservation | Hipcamp

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Energy from your lands Biological Waste

Cost: $5995.00
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And the pressure is on

Pressure cookers that is, yesterday while surfing the internet, I ran across an article on Mother Earth News about cooking with pressure cookers. It reminded me of how much I love mine, I have a 6 quart stainless steel Presto … Continued

got cash do you

My wife and i are going off grid. i only have enough to purchase a few acres. the more you buy the cheaper it gets. want land in alabama because its cheap and great for agriculture. and the weather is … Continued

You help us we’ll help You

We are looking for a strong  young fit couple that is interested in learning and living the off grid lifestyle. We already have in place one small unfinished  cabin that is just a shell on the side of the mountain. … Continued

Micro-travel trailer

This has got to be the tiniest travel trailer I have seen to date, this designed to be pulled with a bicycle, yes I said bicycle! It weighs in at around 100 pounds, it is 8.5 feet long and 3.25 … Continued

Looking to join a community

24 years young and I am not interested in living in a totalitarian government! I want to join or start a community that lives by the moral obligation! This land is as much as mine as the next person and … Continued

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