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Its not easy going off the grid – and that is an understatement – you need money, skills friends, lawyers, plumbers. Unless you are a Marine, ex-SAS or a Navy SEAL its best not to attempt this alone. On Landbuddy you can find and team up with others in your area, or the area you are interested in – people who are also looking, whose skills match your own – they may have money, or land, or some other part of the jigsaw, that will make sure you have a long and happy off-grid life.

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29 Acres in Anaconda Montana – $69,000

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Seeking Community Members for off-grid healing community in rural Mexico

Cost: neg.
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Need to escape Miami Beach

I’m currently living in Miami Beach but am read to take the leap and live on a houseboat off somewhere in the Keys. Any boaters out there who want to connect?

Transitioning to the Off-Grid Mindset

Its all about downsizing.

The more you bring the off-grid mindset into your life before you move, the easier the move will come. You will begin to live cheaper, healthier, and happier before you build a single thing. One day at a time. One step at a time.

Sizing your solar, batteries and inverter

Thanks to Dustin Real for this video just added to our YouTube Channel. His solar power video is a complete solar power primer and explains to people how to size each component of their system; batteries, PV array size, charge … Continued

125 watts of Hydro is plenty for a family

Murray Peden, runs an off-grid auto repair workshop in his home in the hills high above the isolated rural community of Little River, Banks Peninsula. He has lived here off grid for 17 years, with his wife, Tori, and their … Continued

Killing parasites naturally

Two nights ago, THEY arrived, the dreaded kissing bugs, they are known to carry Chagas, it seems that each year they are more and more numerous, they show up at night, when you are asleep, they are attracted to our … Continued

5 things you never knew about Dustin Brown

The Rasta-headed German who beat Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon this week may have been knocked out of the competition today, but his past living off-grid in a Volkswagen is now a part of Tennis history. For years Brown toured the … Continued

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