Geodesic Quonset: Inexpensive, Easy DIY Shelter

Geodesic Quonset
Geodesic Quonset

Many folks are familiar with the concept of a Geodesic Dome, and the great advantages of strength and minimal materials,

Geodesic Dome
Geodesic Dome

but most have not heard of a Geodesic Quonset, that also brings along many of the same advantages. It’s great for connecting domes, standalone as an emergency shelter, garage, or greenhouse. We built one recently, with a length of 60′, a width of 15′, and a pre-sidewall height of 7.5′. Less than 100 man hours to build, and a materials cost of less than $500 (plastic sheathing) , it’s extremely strong and functional. We built this structure using new 1″x6″ green lumber (1″x4″ was originally specified), but since all the pieces are less than 4′ in length, waste/scrap or recycled lumber would be ideal. All the pieces were screwed together using a power screwdriver and 3″ wood screws, 5 to a connection.

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  1. Steve Spence

    Your method defeats the purpose and strenght of the geodesic form. It would require much greater wood dimensions for the same strength. Download the free technical notes at for more info.

  2. joe dupont

    It would seem that you could accomplish the same thing by
    making a bunch of gable roof trusses and then securing them.
    then using wire bracing to achieve some sort of triangleation.

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