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    I am looking into drilling a well on land in northern arizona. I have heard that wells are normally struck around 250 feet or so. My end goal is to have a sink with cold water and a shower system with hot water.

    Is this achievable with a hand pump well at that depth?



    The one I know of uses a panel that is direct connected to a DC motor. It pumps into a tank above ground while the sun is out and the farm takes it from the tank to its various destinations.

    I could not see a hand-pump linkage being reliable with that depth, but I might be wrong.



    I guess I was very wrong. Just found this…

    Good question



    So with this hand pump I could draw the water from the well into a tank. How would the water move from the tank to the sink?

    I was thinking about using something like this for the shower,



    That style works well, but you would need something to pressurize the system. You could pump it to a small tower and use gravity feed, or a regular DC pressure pump and tank setup…of which there are several on the market.

    Have you thought about doing a solar water heater? They are one of the simplest things to build.



    So after reading this ( ) I am not so deterred from a solar powered pump.

    According to that article, All I have to do is hook up a 12 volt deep well pump to a 75 or so watt solar panel and it does not even require batteries.



    grundfos makes a good reliable 12v pump. i cant remember the specs for 250ft. in ac that would be the magic depth making a 3/4 horse pump the ideal. you could do it with 1/2. you will go from about 7 plus gallons per min to about 3 with the 1/2 hp and the strain may cut life span down. definately choose a varialble speed. in the past the pumps are realitively the same price reguardless of 1/2 or 3/4 but for 1700 plus bucks you dont want to compromise or inferior capibilitys.

    personally i always plan on the better gear from the begining. you will save money and time in the future as your desires grow. sisterns are roughly 1 buck a gallon. again go big and then you wont have to add or adjust you system in the future. surface pumping is easy 12v surflow about 80-100 bucks.

    this pump will be good to about 12 feet of lift.

    check out northern arizona wind and sun since your in the area. i have found there pricing competive but on the high side. i also think theres alot of used solar gear around lake havasu area.

    ill check out the otherpower link. my intial thouht is wy build multiple systems. youll have a 75watt pannel sittin there when your not pumping water. i lived on 15watts for 2 years. also in previous topics chowan and i have addressed if your going to be commuting to this property. you can build a extra battery system with isolators on you vehical.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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