Steward Wood Open Day 2007
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They’ll show you how.

Steward Community Woodland is having an Open Day on 9th June, 12 till 4. It

World Environment Day competition
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candle in the wind
Why live off-grid?

Off-Grid in conjunction with Ecover
is running a competition for the best essay on the subject of “Why I want to live off-grid”

The competition is open to anyone whether you live off-grid or not. The closing date is 10th June 2006. Entries should be submitted as comments on this story, by registering, or by email to nick(at)

The first submission, from veteran off-gridder Stephen Miller, is at the end of this story, as an inspiration to you all.

You can write a submission of any length on the subject of “Why I want to live off-grid,” and the best two entries will receive the following hamper of eco-cleaning goodies, worth over ?40, direct from Ecover, a manufacturer of ecological detergents and cleansing agents. (more…)

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Here come the Festivals….

Here is a listing of all paid-for festivals until the end of July.

We will be listing Free festivals in a separate article later this month, and also will be listing other eco-political outdoor events across Europe shortly.

Holmfirth Festival
Thursday 5 May until Sunday 8 May 2005
Holmfirth, West Yorkshire – MAP
Cost: 48 /42(concs) / 16 (12-16yrs). Day tickets: 15 – 25 / 10 – 23 (concs) / 8 – 10 (12-16yrs)

Southport Weekender
Friday 6 May until Sunday 8 May 2005
Southport, Merseyside – MAP
Cost: around 110 per person (sharing a chalet)

Annual Cannabis March & Festival
Saturday 7 May 2005
Brixton, London – MAP
Cost: FREE (more…)

Alternative UK and Europe Festivals 2005
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more fest
More than just Festivals….

Going to an event? Want to look cool and make new friends? Then why not hand out stickers for! Get in touch a week or two before and we’ll try to arrange to send you a pile. For more info, or to send us info you want to see on this site, email us at


MAYDAY was International Workers Day, born out of the struggle for an 8 hour day in 1886. Over 100 years later our lives are still taken up by the world of work. Even more so now, as work has become more casualised (temporary contracts, flex time, part time, no time!) forcing us to adapt to the point where it’s hard to tell when, where or even if we are working. This leaves us in a situation where our lives are on hold, on call and at the mercy of the market.

Our leisure time too is filled with anxieties. The anxiety of not being able to have enough money to pay the rent, go to the cinema, a nice restaurant, shop for food, clothes, anything! In reality our work never finishes and when we’re not at work we still end up making some other person even richer.

Around Europe people call this new working and living condition “precarity”. The answer – set your own agenda. Here are a few events you might like to consider.

DATES: (more…)

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Know (or running?) a sustainable energy scheme that deserves recognition? Act fast; the Ashden Awards closing dates are looming.
The Ashden Awards celebrate the achievements of local energy solutions, which, by encouraging these schemes can radically transform the lives of those faced with challenges such as poverty, resource shortages and climate change.

Information is Power
by ANTONIA WOODRUFF on NOVEMBER 4, 2004 - 1 Comment in events

In the most literal sense of the world. The Energy Efficiency Foundation course is a free day workshops throughout November and December at various venues around the United Kingdom and Ireland, for anyone with a professional interest in understanding and implementing energy efficiency measures.

by ANTONIA WOODRUFF on OCTOBER 29, 2004 - 0 Comments in events

It’s hard for even the most devout anti-consumer to avoid the pressure of the festive season; but you can give in a much more interesting and meaningful way. (more…)

How to start a Community
by JULIETTE SMITH on AUGUST 23, 2004 - 0 Comments in events

Oct 15th to 17th at Redfield Community, Winslow, Bucks. Course organized by the Low Impact Living Initiative in association with ‘Diggers and Dreamers’ (the Directory of British Communities).


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