Local pols nix home in a field
by SUPERJOE on JULY 22, 2014 - 5 Comments in events

A dead Bat will not save him from eviction

Jonathan HIll -hopes have died

A man who built a straw bale house in his own field without planning permission has been ordered to tear it down and become homeless

Jonathan Martin, 51, of Waterbrook, Limeburn Hill, Chew Magna, was taken to court by Bath and North East Somerset Council for the second time in seven months because he had failed to act on an enforcement order to demolish the house and return the land to its original state.
He branded the second court by the local authority “absolutely ridiculous” and said he had told the council that the presence of roosting bats had delayed removing the structure. (more…)

French company joins solar industry march to west Texas
by WRETHAOFFGRID on JUNE 27, 2014 - 1 Comment in events


Yet another solar company is looking cash in on the wide-open skies of West Texas.

Paris-based Solairedirect has announced plans for a two-phase, 100-megawatt solar farm on a ranch about 14 miles east of Alpine in rural Brewster County. By the company’s estimates, the plant could bring power to about 25,000 homes.

It would rival California competitor Recurrent Energy’s plans to build its own 150-megawatt plant in West Texas. Recurrent hasn’t yet said where exactly in the region it will build what would be the state’s largest single solar facility.


See our latest Video – a mini-manifesto
by NICK ROSEN on MAY 31, 2014 - 1 Comment in events

Please tell your friends and spread the word about our great new, short film “Off-Grid – Free Yourself”

Health care vs. death care: 20 ways to stay well (for less money than Obamacare)
by WRETHAOFFGRID on OCTOBER 10, 2013 - 0 Comments in events


How about instead of paying for Obamacare, we just spend that extra money on living well and healthfully? With the amount of money that families will be spending, they could make some amazing healthy lifestyle choices that would reduce their need for healthcare in many instances. It all boils down to two options: For the cost involved, would you rather pay for health care, by preventing disease with good choices, or death care, by treating disease with toxic chemicals and invasive medical interventions?

The Biggest Forcible Ponzi Scheme in History

The numbers presented are very deceiving. Most people are utterly in shock when they find out how much they will be paying. If your budget is already tight, be prepared for it to become strangling. If I were going to participate in Obamacare (which I am NOT), after subsidies I would only be paying $185 per month. But then, there is a deductible of another $5,000 per year. And then they only pay 60% of my costs, leaving me on the hook for the other 40%.

So let’s add this up. (more…)

Are preppers bad?
by WRETHAOFFGRID on DECEMBER 18, 2012 - 7 Comments in events

With the latest mass shooting event last week, something that I feel terribly sorry about, it should have never happened, there has been a backlash of politicians and left leaning folks who are marking and targeting preppers as crazy people and they want something done about these prepper types, they are using this tragedy as an opportunity to classify preppers as a threat. It would seem that putting up food for hard times, having the means to defend and protect yourself, and being more self reliant & independent among other things makes you a threat to the powers that be. I just read a great article written by Daisy Luther (bio and website link at the end of this article) explaining it as well if not better than I could. (more…)

The Occupy movement is an off-grid movement, Here’s how they do it
by NICK ROSEN on NOVEMBER 9, 2011 - 3 Comments in events

Ready for anything

The London Occupation has just decided to invest in solar panels, to guarantee themselves at least a few kilowatt hours of electricity a day.  Two large panels and a battery are all they need to keep a laptop powered indefinitely.

Across the world, tent cities have sprung up in downtown centers.  They do not just happen, but require hours of daily planning.  Skilled chefs, IT consultants, lawyers, Bushcraft experts and others have kept the show on the road. (more…)

NPR follows our story on No Name Key
by NICK ROSEN on NOVEMBER 24, 2010 - 2 Comments in events

Ill-considered - NPR presenter Mary Louise Kelly

NPR’s All Things Considered show ran a segment on a battle we have been following over the years – between residents of No Name Key Florida. The radio spot is a piece of pro-grid, anti-battery propaganda, talking about the dangers of battery banks and allowing an interviewee to assert it is safer and cleaner to use the grid for power, without running any counter argument to balance it. (Judge for yourself at http://www.npr.org/2010/11/23/131543151/tiny-fla-island-debates-joining-electric-grid)

No Name in Florida is an off-grid Island with 42 inhabitants, featured in my book OFF THE GRID, and some of the newcomers want to bring in grid power to boost their property values. For an excerpt from the book see below. (more…)

Australia embraces living off the grid
by MIRKIN23 on OCTOBER 23, 2010 - 2 Comments in events

ustralian paper The Melbourne Age has a big article featuring four individuals living off the grid in the Melbourne area and asking “What would you do if your water mains were shut off? Could you live with no electricity?”

After losing their home, this Kinglake family decided not to reconnect their phone, internet or television.

All it took was a single airborne ember. That was enough to spark the flame that destroyed the mud-brick Kinglake home of Daryl Taylor, his partner Lucy Filor, and their daughter, Maggie, on Black Saturday almost two years ago. Taylor fought the flames for 20 hours that day but the remains of their house are still uninhabitable – one of hundreds of homes in the Kinglake Ranges region that succumbed to the firestorm. (more…)

Story of stuff
by NICK ROSEN on MARCH 8, 2010 - 2 Comments in events

Annie get your stuff

I received a mail from Annie Leonard, author of  The Story of Stuff, requesting help in getting the word out. I am happy to do so, because one of the key themes of the Off-Grid web site is that we are all sick of over-consumption. So Annie is One of Us.

Here is her letter:

“My new book, The Story of Stuff, goes on sale today in bookstores all around the country.

In fact, I’m in New York as I write this preparing for my appearance tonight on The Colbert Report! I hope you tune in.
Before I make a pitch to buy, full title The Story of Stuff: How Our Obsession with Stuff Is Trashing the Planet, Our Communities, and Our Health-and a Vision for Change,  I want to tell you a bit about what inspired it. (more…)

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