| November 21, 2016

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Small family of two adults one child looking for off grid living. We do not drink or drug, not that I am seeking a dry environment but personally that’s our deal…willing and wanting to work for the community, my daughters father has heavy equiptment course and decades of experience with mechanical and oil field related work. We have good morals and values, and love animals, outdoor life and want to raise our seven year old in a more natural environment as humans were meant to live. We are not a couple, but co parent our daughter and are friends who share same desire for off grid/ prepper/self sustainable living . ┬áHe has a fifth wheel and I have a vehicle to get us wherever we need to go…as well are able bodied and intelligent people who can offer a variety of positive contributions to a community. No drama non globalist political living is what we search for where we can contribute and learn and teach our child and eachother in and be happy without constraints of what govt dictates life should be etc…I appreciate any direction, advice or help of any kind from everyone…ill enclose my email? Don’t know if this is allowed but I am very serious and highly motivated /dedicated to achieving this dream of healthy ( my opinion of ) normal living off grid . Thank you. Sincerely, ┬áSarah . sholmwood1@gmail.com

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