| January 8, 2017

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We are a couple who are looking to go off-grid and create a homestead community. We are looking for people and other couples who are into the same interest and what to help build this community and lifestyle. We are open to all race and age (21 and over). We would like to create this community in Maryland or North Carolina…(open to suggestions).

If you are interest I would love to her from yall!

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One Response to “Looking for people to organize and build an Off-Grid Community”

  1. matapeake

    You should check out my friend sandra who has an 84 acre farm in southcentral virginia…we had a commune going there a few years ago but people drifted away…its semi-off-grid, hidden, lots of potential and the biggest expense, the land, is already in place. She needs some partners to get it going again. Its very primitive but nicely located…long story, a visit to her would be the best plan…amish farms are in the area and a nice small town with all amenities is about 19 minutes away, South Boston Virginia.
    Theres donkeys, alittle poultry, had a rabbitry at one time, asian pear trees and a past successful cash crop – sunchokes, could be restarted…needs people tho to make it work.

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