| December 1, 2016

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I am M/29 leaving the states for an island i found and i am looking for some company. i know  how to cook, hunt, fish, build shelters and other amenities, i know some first aid, im a logical thinker and i keep calm during dire situations. i plan on leaving at the beginning of the new year and i have saved some money and plan to keep on saving until i leave. please email me if interested.

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One Response to “looking for off grid buddy.”

  1. Aaron

    Hi, I am in your situation, I have all provisions I need including and currently saving to get a camping stove that generates heat into electricity, other than that I’m good to go I have some dried food, the only thing I am missing is a location that can offer a clean enough water supply to boil water, as of now I have money to buy water for the mean time, I am based in the UK and don’t have a passport.

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