| December 13, 2016

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I’m looking for a commune I can go stay at I am 36 years old male single I’m currently staying in Missouri I have a 22 foot Winnebago RV that I live in I have no family as my dad passed away November 2nd I have a dirtbike I carry on the back of my Winnebago if anybody can help me please message me and point me in a Direction and contact information I’m lost and I’m looking for my calling in life if anyone can help me I’ll be forever in your grace’s thank you

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3 Responses to “I’m looking for off the grid living within a community”

  1. matapeake

    should check out a community that is rebuilding in virginia
    84 acres now starting from scratch again
    at one time was on hip forums with nearly 30,000 views and posts
    squabbling amongst a couple communatarians made the owner chuck the listing
    donkeys, alittle poultry, had started a rabbitry, sunchokes was a cash crop that worked but only with the people there for the labor, have had RVers boondock there for a quarter of the cost of a traditional campground, in central virginia near a nice small town with all amenities, about 19 minutes away
    had a dozen people there a few years ago and started to build but people drifted away, personal demons, pregnancy, drugs…the usual
    the place is pretty primitive but hidden and has potential
    shouldn’t have to say this but if you are abusive, drug addicted or mentally unstable, stay away
    drop me a line for more,
    semi-off grid
    a real nice retired woman owner

  2. Erik Shaw

    No I haven’t found anything that I want to do yet

  3. WanderingVegabond

    same here…did you find anything??

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