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20 Acres but nowhere to live
by VEG-HEAD on MARCH 1, 2014 - 4 Comments in LAND

Living entirely on what they grow and rear

Rule 1: Don’t annoy the neiughbours

A British couple who spent five years building their home from scrap by hand have been ordered to tear it down by Torridge Council in Devon.

Matthew Lepley, 34, and Jules Smith, 54, left London five years ago after reading “How to Live Off-Grid” planning to build their dream house in the countryside.
They used railway sleepers, lorry tyres and scrap metal to build up the house, and used no power tools.
Their home has an outdoor compost toilet, no power or running water, and an underground pantry instead of a fridge. (more…)

Woodlands better than Baltimore shelters

Vans, tents, tunnels, sheds - no need to live in a house

So many empty homes, so many homeless people

Baltimore photographer Ben Marcin’s captures makeshift settlements near railway lines, gas stations, Walmarts and bridges. Amongst his eerie tableaux of tents, vans and other non-permanent dwellings, our favourite is the tunnel-home pictured.

* He said many of Baltimore’s homeless feel safer in the woods than in shelters (more…)

Colorado beer sales up in smoke
by VEG-HEAD on FEBRUARY 4, 2014 - 0 Comments in WORK

download (1)Legal marijuana is a major new cash crop for the off-grid community in Washington State and Colorado.

And a “marijuana hangover is starting to hit the beer industry,” the Financial Times reports.

The end of pot’s prohibition has rattled the beer industry for years, raising fears that consumers will be able to – legally – get their buzzes from new places. So if you live off-grid – start growing – Cannabis Grow Bible, The: Definitive Guide to Growing Marijuana for Recreational and Medical Use

New data on US beer sales, confirms these fears by offering evidence that pot appears to have eaten into Colorado beer sales in January.

Beer sales fell 4.9 per cent across the US last month, but 9.2 per cent in Colorado. Moreover, beer’s share of total alcohol sales also fell more in Colorado than in the rest of the country. (more…)

Frank Lloyd Wright home thwarted in UK
by VEG-HEAD on DECEMBER 22, 2013 - 1 Comment in LAND

Frank Lloyd Wright design is rejected by Somerset councilPlans to create a low-lying zero-impact, off-grid villa 
originally designed for a Californian hillside amidst the rolling fields of Wraxall in South-West Britain have been given the boot by narrow-minded local politicians in North Somerset.

The property, designed by the late architect Frank Lloyd Wright, had been proposed for land at Tyntesfield Springs, Somerset.
However the planning application attracted opposition from Nimby neighbours. One online objector branded it an unwelcome ‘museum piece’, adding: ‘A design from the 1940s is not what a contemporary and innovative eco-friendly architect would propose.’

It has been proposed by Dr Hugh Pratt, a Wraxall and Failand parish councillor, who had obtained the rights to the design from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation after eight years of negotiation. (more…)

Cash crop funds lifestyle
by VEG-HEAD on DECEMBER 10, 2013 - 1 Comment in FOOD, LAND

Nick & Cynthia- Blueberry Heaven!

Nick & Cynthia – Save the Blueberry!

Food producers Cynthia Lim and Nick Bray have cracked the big problem – how do you go off the grid and still make a living in the real world? The couple moved to a 7 hectare property  outside Melbourne Australia 12 years ago.

Some might have considered turning land over to cannabis cultivation – but not in Australia where cops act more like the Secret Service. Their answer: growing and selling blueberries.

They started with about 200 plants in 2004, just in time for the ‘‘drought of the century’’. But that ordeal has served them well.

‘‘We just thought we would give it a go and then the drought came along,’’ Ms Lim said. (more…)

Welsh planners’ double standards
by VEG-HEAD on DECEMBER 1, 2013 - 0 Comments in EVENTS

Yes, we wall want the credit!

Yes, we wall want the credit!

The Welsh institute of town planners has awarded its top prize to a newly built off-grid home. Meanwhile Welsh planners decline applications from hundreds of off-grid projects every year.

the house at Maes Yr Onn’s has won the 2013 Wales Planning Award organised by RTPI Cymru. Chris Fray, chair of the judging panel, said: “Maes yr Onn Farm Off Grid Living is already being hailed as an exemplar of sustainable building excellence.”

The new home of farmer Arthur Davies and his family is self sufficient, sustainable and completely off the grid. (more…)

Mason Jar Meals
by VEG-HEAD on NOVEMBER 26, 2013 - 0 Comments in FOOD

Ready-made meals in sealed Jars reduce need for refrigerationAlyson McClelland’s mom cans everything from barbecue sauce to fig jam.

Once the delicious condiments are consumed, McClelland gives new life to all those empty Mason jars by filling them with quick and easy meals.

“There are so many jars left over, it’s nice to be able to use them for something,” she says.

McClelland, who blogs at with her husband Brian, uses canning castoffs for sandwiches, salads and desserts. She got the idea from a local restaurant, which serves peanut butter mousse in a tiny jar.

McClelland and many others are sold on packing make-ahead meals in Mason jars instead of baggies or plastic wrap – an earth- friendly, cost-effective alternative that’s just plain fun. (more…)

Solar powered irrigation
by VEG-HEAD on NOVEMBER 17, 2013 - 0 Comments in WATER

Irrigation pumps powered by clean renewable energy, such as solar pumps, could solve both the economic and environmental dilemma: they don’t emit greenhouse gases, and their fuel is free. But renewable-powered pumps have remained a marginal technology. There is currently no such pump available on the market, with an unsubsidized price low enough to compete with the diesel pumps and be adopted widely. (more…)

Stuff to have for a power out
by VEG-HEAD on NOVEMBER 12, 2013 - 0 Comments in OFF-GRID 101


“Handheld & powerful, the Waypoint™ pistol-grip spotlight offers high and low intensity modes, emergency signal mode and the latest in power LED technology. The spotlight provides portability and long runtime using 4 “C” sized alkaline batteries or endless runtime with the 12VDC power cord; making the Waypoint the perfect choice for a variety of applications.” (more…)

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